Feb Satellite temps

Usual caveats etc, etc.

This is the graph for February from the usual (flawed) source:


I’m actually a bit sceptical about that, even with a hellish summer down under that’s a big jump given that its not El Niño conditions. Roy Spencer (again, see usual caveats) has a follow up post speculating on the warming impact of smoke from the Australian bushfires on the lower stratosphere (http://www.drroyspencer.com/2020/03/australia-bushfire-smoke-now-warming-the-lower-stratosphere/ )

Either way: the Earth is still warming. This is rather like my Dragon Award news, isn’t it?


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  1. It has been a fairly mild summer here, all told, although on the occasions when it has worked up to being hot it has been ridiculously hot. But I have heard that it has been warm in places that would not expect to be warm at the moment (18°C in Antarctica, very little winter snow in Scandinavia etc).

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