The Next Few Days Are Nebula Shorts Days

Scattered among Picard and Doctor Who reviews will be reviews of the Nebula Finalist Short Stories. Just like last year but without the odd interruption from a shouty man.

The finalists are:

8 thoughts on “The Next Few Days Are Nebula Shorts Days

  1. I’ve read all but the Nightmare story. I liked the Osborne and Wise stories the most but neither made my Hugo ballot.


    1. Laura, would you be willing to list the short stories and novelettes on your ballot? I’ve read almost nothing in those categories for 2019.

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      1. Here ya go. I tend to favor fantasy. Well-done characterization and relationships (friendship, family, or romantic) are what really draw me into a story.

        Best Novelette

        A Handful of Sky; Elly Bangs; Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue 280
        Across the Bough Bridge; Mackenzie Kincaid; Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue 281
        Away With the Wolves; Sarah Gailey; Uncanny Magazine, Issue 30
        For He Can Creep; Siobhan Carroll;, 10 Jul 2019
        Life Sentence; Matthew Baker; Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 105

        Best Short Story

        Adrianna in Pomegranate; Samantha Mills; Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue 271
        Articulated Restraint; Mary Robinette Kowal;, 6 Feb 2019
        Death of an Air Salesman; Rich Larson; Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 150
        Gundark Island, or, Tars Tarkas Needs Your Help; Matthew Corradi; Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 107
        The Hundredth House Had No Walls; Laurie Penny;, 11 Sep 2019

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      2. We have some overlap in our ballots, Laura. At least more than I have with the Nebula shortlist in these categories. And yes, “Life Sentence” is a really great story.


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