Exciting* Dragon Award News**

In a stunning development, the Dragon Award website is exactly the same as it was on January 30. Nominations will be open soon (they opened in November 2019). Stay tuned for more exciting* developments**.

*[no guarantee users will experience any level of excitement.]

**[no actual news or development are implied by the use of these words.]

9 thoughts on “Exciting* Dragon Award News**

  1. Barely even tangentially related, but I noticed this wording on one of Voxday’s posts, and was curious how someone who’s been an expat would read into it. I’ve had a nagging suspicion that he has outsourced a lot of his blogging, but wasn’t sure if this confirms that.

    “Immigration is a losing issue everywhere, except in the United States. But soon, it will be here too.” Emphasis is mine, but would someone who’s lived in a foreign country for over a two decades refer to their birth country as “here”?

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    1. As an expat for a mere 12 years I am willing to cut him a little slack there. Granted, I am not a professional editor so I am less precise with my wording.

      More importantly, he doesn’t actually care. His goal is to feed his ego, and if it serves his purposes to write as if he is in the US then he will write as if he is in the US.

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    2. Another thing to remember is that Beale lives in Italy, he doesn’t really interact with Italian political culture, save in the most rudimentary of ways. He’s essentially a glorified tourist.

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