Beer Hiatus: Cherry Pie Bakery Imperial Stout

Brewers doing stupid things to beers works better on stouts that have a strong enough intrinsic flavour that they can carry the taste of other things. This would have been a better drink on a cold winter’s night but was pleasant regardless.

4 thoughts on “Beer Hiatus: Cherry Pie Bakery Imperial Stout

      1. Dark as midnight on a moonless night?

        (I have a friend who, knowing my love of stouts and porters, keeps bring over these weird stunt ales, such as the ones with marshmallows and graham crackers in them. One tries to be gracious, and then later see whether the liquid in question will kill snails.)

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  1. I personally think that so-called weird flavors work best in beer when they are subtle or when the beer already has very strong flavors. Sour beers tend to work well for me (although I can think of some where the flavoring is too artificial-seeming to work for me–and these are clearly not to everybody s taste).

    On the subtle side, look at a good Wit. I think these are fantastic when done well. Hoegaarden and other Pierre Celis beers come to mind right away, but at the same time they do not always work for me.

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