Beer Hiatus: REINVIGAM8

No, no, not a hiatus FROM beer but rather a combined run of short posts about beer while I’m working on some important Felapton Towers business (fixing the tiles, repointing the gargoyles etc).

Today we have the not-entirely-serious ‘reinivigam8’ beer that is selling itself as sports-drink like beer. I can give it 10 out of 10 for commitment to parody through the medium of beer because the stuff really does taste like some sort of diet orange flavoured Gatorade. Unfortunately, as a beer it also tastes like some sort of diet orange flavoured Gatorade. I have drunk more disgusting things (and finished them) but only for medical reasons.


3 responses to “Beer Hiatus: REINVIGAM8”

  1. Oh, wait, I think I’m having a brilliant marketing idea… REINVEGEMITE, the beer with the refreshing tang of yeast extract! What do you think?


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