Growing anxiety blob

Oh, it was an age ago when Hugo 2020 nominations were opened and I had oh so much time to consider things and…FEBRUARY IS HALF DONE ALREADY! Not quite time for panic bob the panic blob yet but definitely time for growing anxiety blob! So many choices! So little time! March 13 approaches!

13 thoughts on “Growing anxiety blob

    1. I’ve read at least 48 Novellas from 2019, but then I got rather ill, so my novel reading is way behind; I’ve only read about 52 Novels from 2019 thus far. 😦


      1. To be fair, I did also read some pre-2019 novels which were earlier entries in series for 2019 novels… including the entire Sharing Knife series, and oh, dear. The first novel was published in 2006, but I’m convinced that it was a trunk novel from the 80s which she dug out and polished up for publication.

        The prose is lovely, as Bujold’s writing always is, and the worldbuilding is really interesting, but the story itself — a love affair between a naïve, sheltered 18-year-old young woman and a worldly 56-year-old man — is just ewwwww. It reads like self-insert fiction written by a teenager who has a crush on her much-older high school history teacher, ugh. I did manage to keep reading the rest of the books because of the worldbuilding and the non-relationship parts of the story, but it is far and away the least good of Bujold’s works, and it won’t be on my Best Series Hugo ballot ever.

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  1. Due to unforeseen (but very happy!) personal circumstances, I had little time for reading last year – I think I read about half as many books in 2019 as I did in 2018 – so I’ve basically given up. I’m probably going to nominate a few works I’ve enjoyed, but most of my slots will be empty.

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  2. I did a bulk-nomination when it opened, taht I have somewhat refined since then. Thankfully, nomination-anxiety is low. I expect the popularity or non-popularity of Trigger Snowflake will fall on the “I will not be a finalist” side, so all is good.


      1. And of course I had to tweak my nominations, when it turns out that one book I finished last week was as 2019-published work and I liked it better than something I had already nominated. Ah, well.

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