January satellite temperature graph

As always with the semi-regular posting of these: this is not the best global temperature data set and I’m intentionally using a website of a scientist who has supported and boosted global warming denialists because using that site is the simplest way of cutting out two kinds of common arguments from the right.

  1. “oh weather stations are badly positioned or its the urban heat island effect or weather stations are in the wrong places or weather station data is rigged” – the data shown doesn’t use weather stations. That’s not conceding any of those points but rather to show that the same overall picture arises even if you use a radically different way of getting at the data.
  2. “oh global warming scientists are all leftists or its a big academic conspiracy or dissenting scientists don’t get heard” Dr Roy Spencer is a conservative evangelical who is very much on the right wing side of the global warming argument. If he has an innate bias it would be to establish that there is cooling. Again, I’m not conceding those other points but showing that same overall picture arises even if you source the data from somebody who was delighted that Trump gave Rush Limbaugh a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

It’s a kind of scientific control, except for bad faith arguments. Eliminate two spurious factors that modern conservatives are claiming create a false picture of warming and then look at the data. When you do that…the warming is still there (what a surprise).

To recap: global warming is still real and is still real even in the face of silly arguments.

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