The fires are going out

This is a good news/bad news sort of story. The good news is that on the ‘Fires Near Me’ map from the RFS (that I’ve been posting during the fires since November) the major fire systems around Sydney are officially out.

Most of the blue, yellow and red squares have gone (apart from a couple of smaller fires). The huge Gosper’s Mountain fire system is officially out, as is the smaller but still big Green Wattle Creek fire. The bad news is all those white squares — they aren’t fires but call outs for the State Emergency Service and fire crews to deal with floods and fallen trees and landslides after several days of massive amounts of rain.

I know rain. I’ve lived in the north-west of England and I’ve lived in South-East Asia but this was RAIN RAIN. Great news for a very definitive end to the fires, at least around Sydney. The fires in the southern part of the state are still active, although not as fierce as they were.

It’s good news for some drought afflicted areas as well but intense rain has its own consequences. The extended drought has caused shifts in the soil and the sudden rain has led to major land slips and trees collapsing. Still, better than fire!

6 thoughts on “The fires are going out

  1. And, of course, one of the other problems with massive amounts of rain immediately after a fire is that with the loss of trees and groundcover due to the fire, there’s a lot less holding the ground together, so not only floods but landslides are more common.

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    1. Oh, we’ll all stop worrying about the bushfires and floods once the recession caused by the sudden loss of economic input from overseas students from China caused by the corona virus travel ban from China hits Sydney & Melbourne.🤪

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    2. Glad to hear that the fire danger has receded, at least. Where I am (Chicago), we’ve had an unusual amount of rain for two years now, and seem to be constantly in flood or near-flood conditions.

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  2. Just sitting here in Berkeley in February. It’ supposed to be in the 50f/10c range and pouring.
    This is when we get ALL our rain for the year, and it’s not happening.
    Lovely sunny 70s for days now.
    Everything’s growing and blooming like mad.
    I’m assuming that the summer will be dreadful again.

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