Month: Feb 2020

  • Picard: The Impossible Box

    In the Borg’s first appearance there are neatly done details that add to how terrifying they are. Q-Who is a ‘Q’ episode as the name suggests and after briefly kidnapping Picard, he returns him to Ten-Forward where he and Guinan meet on-screen for the first time. Q is clearly alarmed by Guinan’s presence and vice-versa […]

  • The Next Few Days Are Nebula Shorts Days

    Scattered among Picard and Doctor Who reviews will be reviews of the Nebula Finalist Short Stories. Just like last year but without the odd interruption from a shouty man. The finalists are: “Give the Family My Love”, A.T. Greenblatt (Clarkesworld 2/19) “The Dead, In Their Uncontrollable Power”, Karen Osborne (Uncanny 3-4/19) “And Now […]

  • More BookBub numbers

    In the comments to the previous post on this topic, Johan P raised some really interesting points. I’d said rather glibly that the categories with more subscribers will obviously have more free-downloads and sales. As Johan points out this is counter-intuitive as the figures given are AVERAGES i.e. (I assume) the number of downloads/sales per […]

  • Catching Up

    So I took a few days off aside from blog posts about beer, Picard and Dr Who and there’s a few things I missed that I probably would have covered if I’d been paying attention. So I did already catch-up on Dave Freer’s odd post on BookBub numbers (see here) but if I must check […]

  • Some Book Bub numbers and petunias

    My attention was drawn to a set of numbers from BookBub available here: Some major caveats before we go into them. Firstly these are for marketing purposes and as they say “averages are based on historical data, but are only meant as a reference and are not guaranteed”. The book figures also only apply […]

  • Short Review: Doctor Who – Ascension of the Cybermen

    Part 1 of this two part finale to the season is very, very much a ‘part one’ sort of story. As a single episode it is barely coherent and difficult to evaluate. The most pertinent observation is that there is a lot going on, including a fascinating side story set in 1950s Ireland about a […]

  • Exciting* Dragon Award News**

    In a stunning development, the Dragon Award website is exactly the same as it was on January 30. Nominations will be open soon (they opened in November 2019). Stay tuned for more exciting* developments**. *[no guarantee users will experience any level of excitement.] **[no actual news or development are implied by the use of these […]

  • Trek Tuesday (but it’s Monday): The Measure of a Man & The Offspring

    With the return of Bruce Maddox on Picard, I thought it was time to re-visit his previous appearance. I thought he’d been in more than one episode but while he is name-checked in other episodes, this is his only appearance. I thought he’d also appeared in the season 3 episode The Offspring (the one where […]

  • Beer Hiatus: Ballistic Oaked XPA

    This was actually very nice.

  • Picard: Stardust City Rag

    Any complaints about the slow pacing of Picard episodes fall apart with this episode which is all about stuff happening and often gory & disturbing stuff. We are off to Freecloud, the physical equivalent of the Galaxy’s Dark Web, full of criminal gangs and dubious trade practices. However, this is an episode full of plot […]

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