I found a way to make the Dragon Awards marginally more interesting

Meanwhile in other news, the Dragon Awards website is still exactly the same.

Yes, nominations have been open since at least November 19 2019 (see http://file770.com/nominations-open-for-2020-dragon-awards/ ) but the website still says:

I see you are all looking at me sceptically thinking “what is marginally more interesting about that?” Aha! Well, here is a competition for you all! Make a prediction now as to when you think the front page of the website will change to say that nominations are actually open!*


  1. Only a maximum of twelve hundred guesses per email address.
  2. Promise not to cheat.
  3. I’ll decide the winner any way.
  4. You can be as vague or precise as you like because see rule 3.

[*NOTE: not when nominations are actually open because that already happened but when the websites says they are open]

23 thoughts on “I found a way to make the Dragon Awards marginally more interesting

  1. I’m going to guess April 2. (You didn’t say we couldn’t all guess the same day!)

    Also I’m going to guess April 3-30. And June 1.

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  2. Going on past events, I would say that they’ll change the website to say that the nominations are open within the next three days or so, now that you’ve pointed out on your blog that they haven’t done it despite opening actual nominations in November. So let’s say by February 5th.

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  3. Actually, I’m going to predict that they’ll just keep the same announcement up until they change it to read that nominations will soon open for the 2021 awards.

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  4. April 1 because while we might all realise you can’t make real changes that day, I don’t think they will.

    Failing that – any time after voting finishes

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  5. November the fifth, the fifth. They will wear Guy Fawkes masks, have a bonfire and burn Hugo winners while updating the site.

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