Fire Update: Jan 11

An update to my irregular Sydney region fire gif:

I woke this morning to find things both smokey and wet. Australia is still in a protracted fire season and in a crisis but the worst fires are now further south particularly on the NSW/Victoria border.

The fires around Sydney has lessened in intensity for two reasons, some cooler wetter weather, the bigger fires now have less fuel. However, it is still only early January — translating southern hemisphere summer to northern hemisphere terms SH January = NH July and February can be a severe month.

So much of the coastal region of NSW has burnt (and the coastal region is where most of the population live) that the unburned bits of bush are all ‘the meat in the sandwich’ parts between major fires. The areas include the more heavily populated areas of the Southern Highlands, the more populated sections of the Blue Mountains along the Great Western Highway, the more southern areas of Greater Sydney down to Wollongong, and the north western parts of Greater Sydney adjacent to the Hawkesbury. Of those the unburned but of the Blue Mountains still has an active fire (The Erskine Creek fire) which is small in area compared to some of the mega fires but creeping closer to many towns. If the weather stays cool and wet then that fire shouldn’t get worse but if the heatwave returns then that fire could cause a lot of damage.

So hoping for rain. Mind you I always hope for rain.

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