Sunday Beer: Fiscal Damage

A “Hazy” triple IPA. It does not look good in the glass but it matches the Australian atmosphere currently, so a decent choice as I watch the fire fronts with trepidation. Rain tomorrow! I am anyway a MASSIVE fan of rain but right now my preference for cold, wet weather is surprisingly mainstream.


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  1. Quiet deeds done quite cheap?

    The weather in Chiang Mai has warmed back up after a weird cold period before and during Christmas (coupled with some ~unseasonal-ish but not unwelcome rain.)

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      • When we first left the UK we lived in NZ for a few years. Our first year there we were really looking forward to a sunny Christmas and I think it ended up being something like 9°C on Christmas Day

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      • Christmas Day 1967 at the Siam Intercontinental in Bangkok was beastly hot, really truly hot, and of course humid — which I hope can be seen as in the view of someone from Hong Kong RCC who was relatively accustomed to bloody damned hot. The hotel arranged for a (ethnic Thai) Santa Claus in traditional red suit to be rowed across the klong to visit the hotel and dote on us children: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone sweat that much before or since.

        That afternoon, my mother took me and my sister to an adjoining large animal park, where you could climb up to a shaded platform to board an elephant on a ride around the park circumference. Sis and I were duly sent off on the pachyderm, while Mom waited — and, it so happened, a US soldier, probably on R&R from the Vietnam War, walked up, arm in arm with his Thai girlfriend, to await the next elephant. Mom adopted her most deadpan voice, as the soldier assessed the middle-aged American matron standing in front of him:

        ‘Soldier, do you know how to get down off an elephant?’
        [looking serious:] ‘Why, no, ma’am, I don’t believe I do.’
        [long pause for effect]
        ‘Silly, you don’t get down off an elephant. You get down off a duck.’

        Mom was what you might call a bit of a character.

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