Normal Beer’s Day 2020: Molson Canadian

Canadia: like Australia but cold and wet.

The beer states it is made from Canadian water, prairies and barley. It tastes as distinctively Canadian as a generic lager can i.e. not at all.


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  1. Well, it probably tastes as Canadian as anything really can, given that (as we all know) It’s a completely fictitious place.

    “I’ve drunk those bottles of Budweiser that they make with the labels saying “Molson Lager”. I’ve talked to Canadianists. I’ve even been to see a pretend game of “hockey on ice” in the ice rink in “Toronto”, an American town to which I have been more than half a dozen times in different seasons. [ . . . ] I respectfully suggest, indeed, that I am more familiar with the arguments for the existence of Canada than most Canadians are familiar with the arguments against. I’m just not convinced.”

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    • Oh yeah. Canada, like Australia, is completely mythical.

      I don’t believe in a lot of the states, either. Rhode Island? It’s a joke that got out of hand. Idaho? I don’t think so. North and South Dakota? A map maker’s joke. I mean, supposedly they have a mountain with a bunch of presidents carved into it. Who buys that? I certainly don’t.

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    • Well, having described Winnipeg as Minneapolis but smaller and colder (and lately seedier), I’m not sure what evidence I can provide you that I or anything else Canadian is real. Even pointing out that I am safely free of Trump as president could sound like a leftist’s desperate delusion, though rather than desperate it’s mostly just relieved.

      But North Dakota is definitely real. Not so sure about South Dakota, though. I always feel it should be like the Virginias, and be Dakota and North Dakota.


      • North Dakota real? I’m sorry, I’ve seen Fargo.

        Winnipeg is real; just part of Minnesota. I’m still mad at the waitress in Jack Astor’s or Milestones or whatever crappy chain restaurant it was who skimmed my credit card when I went there on a business trip.


  2. I think I remember remembering having remembered Molson’s Canadian Lager. I’m pretty sure. Maybe.

    The absence of a comma in Cam’s review’s concluding sentence leads me to ask: How Canadian does a generic lager can taste?

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