My bad genre drawings

I posted on Twitter yesterday some very quick and very bad drawings of things that did their best to NOT represent the genre written on them. Here they are as a slide show.

Hope the slide show works!

15 thoughts on “My bad genre drawings

  1. Now trying to use these things for inspiration…. US Space Force orders an orbital mission to take out Russell’s Teapot? Infiltration using remote-controlled cyborg mice? The possibilities are endless, if also ridiculous.

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  2. Space opera about a mushroom should not be too difficult – e.g. we land on a new planet and discover a band of carnivorous mushrooms. And Harry Potter has some urban fanasy elements, and also features a rubber duck.

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    1. I actually managed to write two SFF stories about ducks. One is a Pacific Rim riff where an exploding giant rubber ducky is the perfect weapon against kaiju and the other is urban fantasy of sorts about an anthropomorphic duck from outer space who is stranded on Earth and works as a mob enforcer, as one does. I bundled them in a collection with a story about fluffy anthropomorphic rabbits from outer space trying to conquer Earth, because I didn’t have ideas for yet another duck story.

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      1. The obvious twist is that it’s a rogue volunteer firestarter, putting fires out so he can be a hero when he comes back and restarts the fire.

        Alternatively maybe a gang of East Asian dragons have snuck in and are using their control of water and weather to fuck with western dragons and steal their hoards.

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      2. Reverse Fahrenheit 451!

        It was a pleasure to douse. It was a pleasure to see things sodden, to see things drenched and cooled.

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