Pirates Ahoy Again! This time you all get pirated!

I saw this Tweet and was tut-tutting about how the web was full of terrible people creating scam websites:

The site in question has nothing to do with the Australian online book company also called Booktopia (https://www.booktopia.com.au/ <- genuine non-scam site) but that’s just part of how appalling the place is — even the website name is a scam!

Then I followed the link…

Then, because I’m vain, I typed in my name to the search field…

How bad must internet book piracy be that not only I but ALSO MY CAT has been pirated TWICE! What the flippin’ flip? “Free For Member”? Free for anybody, if you want the genuine article! Just go to https://www.smashwords.com/ and download to your hearts content for the low, low price of nothing at all dollars.

Outraged yet? Oh, be prepared to be outraged a bit more! The scam goes beyond stealing books. There are fake reviews as well.

Ha, ha…no

Not angry yet? Ok, the fake reviewers have been harvested from Twitter followers…

For example”

I don’t even know what to call whatever this is that they are doing:

It’s like invasion of the body snatchers!

The particular link is just one of many domains that link to identical scams offering free pdfs, ebooks, games or video download if you sign-up. The sign-up is a phishing scam and possibly a source of malware as well.

20 thoughts on “Pirates Ahoy Again! This time you all get pirated!

    1. (p.s. not that it matters but I think they may have scraped from Goodreads rather than Twitter, different res on the two profile pics for me)


  1. I see you’ve said nice things about both of Timothy’s books. Trying to get to your book page doesn’t work so I can’t see if he scratched your back as well. ;P Also killing me is their DMCA notice page and “report this page” links everywhere. Now I should probably go give my computer and myself a shower. Not at the same time.

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  2. Speaking of fake websites and grifting, and my apologies if you’ve already covered this, but /r/owenbenjamin has been all over how unauthorized.tv is in fact merely a Vimeo account.

    Where the services purchased are not being fully utilized.

    If you can’t trust the Supreme Dark Lord, well … you can’t trust anyone anymore, can you?

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      1. Some of them were never free, so I don’t know where they got them or if they even got them at all, because a lot of those sites don’t have the books they claim to have, but are just a scam to collect e-mail addresses and information.

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