Photo from the apocalypse

Sydney is still surrounded by fires but the haze in the city wasn’t as bad yesterday. The picture above was from Thursday, taken in the Blue Mountains. That smoke looks ominous but it is from a fire further south and Sydney’s main water catchment lake is between that fire and the main towns on the highway over the Blue Mountains*.

As you can imagine, both fire services are now not just stretched to the maximum fighting multiple fires but also exhausted. Currently, significant rainfall isn’t expected until later January, so there are still weeks ahead of this.

*[Not blue and not mountains but ‘green heavily eroded plateau’ doesn’t sound as good]

4 thoughts on “Photo from the apocalypse

  1. When I finished my last job in Berlin a couple of months ago, I wanted to move to an English speaking country. I considered moving to London, but decided the potential fallout from Brexit made it too risky. I wanted to move somewhere safer.

    So of course I picked Sydney…

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