Month: Dec 2019

  • My last GIF of 2019

    Happy 2020 as and when it arrives

  • New Beer’s Eve: Slenderman IPA

    After the shock of the last beer time to flee to something odd with genre-adjacent label. Also something bright and sparkling for the upcoming close of 2019.

  • Normal Beer: Miller “Genuine Draft”

    I drank this yesterday. Apparently it is beer. I survived.

  • A deeper look at The Rise of Skywalker (spoilers)

    In the final episode of the Disney+ Star Wars Series The Mandalorian, there is an almost perfect encapsulation of the Star Wars aesthetic. Without spoiling a wholly different Star Wars property too much, there’s a point where the good-guys are escaping the bad guys and they reach a river of lava. Indeed, it is basically […]

  • It’s interesting who else has a troll problem

    As Vox Day has been increasingly distancing himself from the world of science fiction and dedicating more of his time to tilting at the windmills of large tech-platforms, I’ve been taking less of an interest in his antics. However, as I was writing about trolls yesterday it is appropriate to write about a different troll […]

  • Sunday Beer: Swamp Thang Dank DIPA

    No Christmas theme today. Also, that is clearly a lagoon monster not a swamp monster.

  • Sun over Sydney

    In the photo it looks yellow but it was more red/orange to my eyes. I can’t help thinking of the second series of Stephen Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant books, where the inhabitants of the corrupted land have to look at the sun’s aura at dawn to find out what kind of horrors the day will bring. […]

  • Goodreads’ Troll Problem

    Goodreads, the book review site, is about thirteen years old and has had systemic troll problem for most of those years. Matters had reached crisis proportions way back in 2012 (see ). Some of the issues arose not from trolling as such but from the inevitable conflict between authors and readers when assessing the […]

  • Oh no, another Christmas Beer: Peanut Butter Chocolate Milkshake

    They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should…

  • Review: Years and Years

    Christmas time is a handy time for catching up on books and series I had intended to watch earlier in the year. Luckily for me the BBC/HBO miniseries Years and Years was streaming in full on the Australian broadcaster SBS. Written by Russell T Davis famed for his groundbreaking series Queer as Folk and as […]