6: Mercury

Tough, strong and you know how to face up to the heat. You are on the inside track. True, there are bigger deals in this game than you but you’ve played with the biggest and you are still going. Some unpleasant people might call you ‘half-baked’ but you have two sides to your nature and some sharp divisions. It takes a rocky character like yourself to stand up straight in the face of the solar winds and just keep on going. Indomitable. You like sunny days and your favourite meal is Thai takeaway.


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      • I make that exact expression a lot, as it turns out.

        It’s been a super fun series, thank you! I know people can always read into horoscopes and star signs what they want to see, or the parts they like about themselves,but when those real dates for star signs started going around, I absolutely resisted my relocation to Aries. I am a Taurus, yessir. And now a #6 Mercury. And Pluto is a planet.

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  1. So close and yet so far away…

    The motto of my footie team is ‘Urbs Indomita”, the Indomitable City. But Thai takeout is a bit too spicy for my tastes.

    People do call me half-baked, though…

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  2. Not bad. Goes with me also being gemini in equally fake astrology. And I do enjoy Thai food but I prefer to eat it in any of the many, many Thai restaurants or cafes where I’m living. (Which for the next few months is Thailand.)

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      • Chiang Mai has bonus Lanna food too, like my personal favourite khao soi. I looked everywhere for it when I was elsewhere and it seems to be impossible to find if you’re not in northern Thailand.

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      • It’s a lovely place. Would recommend if you’re in Thailand and have some time to yourself for any reason. It’s especially good from November to early March – the colder months and before the smoke from burning season really gets underway.

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