I bought Tim a new car

Mileage isn’t great but it is 100% electric.

12 thoughts on “I bought Tim a new car

  1. Oddly enough, I’m in the middle of Storm Chaser right now — the latest book in the Mercy Thompson series, which occasionally features a Scooby Mystery Machine. Literally a van painted to match, complete with a large stuffed Scooby inside.


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  2. I really, really, really thought Tim had to be involved somehow with Elon Musk’s just-revealed cybertruck.


      1. Quid pro quo? No-bid contract for post-Brexit Bortsworth auto manufacturing plant in exchange for dirt of some kind?

        Mutatis mutandis: I suspected Tim’s involvement in Boris Johnson’s novel, but upon further consideration, seems more like a Straw Puppy thing.

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      2. Speaking of Straw Puppy, what’s up with Susan? I miss her comments from outside the mammalian echo chamber.


  3. I think the best comment I have heard about the Tesla truck was from my 15 year old, who said it looked like a car from a Nintendo 64 game…

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