Untitled Astrology Game

For the next eleven days the blog is on a kind of mini-hiatus while Timothy and I transcend into the memetic concept space or something equally meaningless. We have plans and projects to complete! Big plans! One plan is entitled “Ill-advised Blog Project” and you’ll be as vaguely disappointed by it as I am excited about it.

In the meantime I will continue my tradition of somehow posting more frequently when I’m on a hiatus than when I’m not. Truth is, if I wasn’t actively managing this blog, posts would increase exponentially.

The hiatus series that starts tomorrow is an exciting personality game for all the family. It started as some drawings on my art blog (you’ll recognise a couple) and then I did more with this series in mind.

The basic rule for the game is this: Pick an integer from 1 to 11. You should do that now. Once you pick a number YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES unless you want to — in which case it is fine to pick a new one.

Once you have picked one, you will need to wait until the blog reveals over the week which major object(s) of the solar system you are! Will you be Mercury? Will you be Uranus? Are you sniggering at ‘Uranus’? Then yes, you probably are Uranus. It will be fun or something a bit like fun.


22 responses to “Untitled Astrology Game”

  1. X=0

    Choice= DaysBlogPost(X)
    Loop until Choice = BEST

    Output “I choose number ” + cstr(X) + ” and I am the winner!”


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