Month: Nov 2019

  • More alt-right crowdfunding shenanigans

    More alt-right crowdfunding shenanigans

    About a month ago I came across a very odd thing. It was odd enough that I thought the interesting thing to do is to just watch if anything happens. Nothing did happen and so now seems about the right to time to write about it. For context you need to go back to these […]

  • Solar System – complete

    Here are all the planets (and other things) from the past few days in one place. Rules: 1. Pick a whole number from 1 to 11 2. Find the picture below with that number 3. Discover secret aspects of your personality! 4. Change the number you picked because that last one didn’t suit you. 5. […]

  • I visited the Jordan Peterson new social media platform

    Back in June self-help guru Jordan Peterson announced his own new social media platform called “thinkspot” dedicated to “free speech”. I said at the time that it was likely to go the same way as the alt-right Twitter alternative Gab (see ). Having signed up sometime ago out of morbid curiosity, I finally received […]

  • 6: Mercury

    Tough, strong and you know how to face up to the heat. You are on the inside track. True, there are bigger deals in this game than you but you’ve played with the biggest and you are still going. Some unpleasant people might call you ‘half-baked’ but you have two sides to your nature and […]

  • How to talk about China Part 3

    A sequel of sorts to this and this. Australian politics has been rocked by alarming news stories about possible actions by the Chinese government. The first involves a mysterious death: “In March this year, a cleaner found the body of Bo “Nick” Zhao in a suburban Melbourne motel room. Local police investigated but were unable […]

  • 7: Earth and Moon

    Once you were alone but then you found your good friend the moon. The attraction between you is obvious even though the moon can seem cold and distant. You are also covered in water. I don’t know why. Do you not have a towel? Sometimes you worry about all the things living on you and […]

  • Sunday Beer: De Ranke Guldenberg

    Nice Belgian beer – 8% ABV but didn’t taste strong (so watch out – it would be easy to drink a lot of this quickly).

  • 5: The Sun

    Not many people can crush hydrogen into helium but you can. Everybody feasts on all that positive energy that you radiate. That can be a bit tiring for you but you have the internal resource to keep going. You are at the centre of things but sometimes it can feel like people are avoiding you. […]

  • Review: The Dragon Prince Season 3 (spoilers avoided)

    Netflix’s animated fantasy series delivers a very satisfying finale with Season 3. There are a number of loose threads left hanging (particularly around the mysterious eleven bad guy that has been manipulating events) to lead into a proposed season 4. However, the three seasons that are available now form a complete story. I am deeply […]

  • 4: Uranus

    Uranus is big, blue and full of methane! Yes YOU are the king of dad jokes. You, in a very non-gender specific sense, are the essence of dadness: supportive, keen on family friendly pun-centric humour and also you roll around your orbit on your side. True, you are named after a god who was a […]