You haven’t mentioned Larry Correia in a couple of days…

This is true but he is still ranting. According to Larry he has been banned from posting on Facebook again and he is very cross about the fact that a company that provides him a free service enforces its own terms and conditions. Here’s a link but I seriously wouldn’t bother:

Larry is utterly convinced that outside forces are behind his temporary time-out, specifically File 770 people. His cited reason for this was an obvious joke comment in an August 14 Pixel Scroll

“Robert Whitaker Sirignano on August 15, 2019 at 9:09 am said:
My imaginary friends were insulted by Larry C. So I complained on their behalf. “

The comment was a joke about how Larry had been given a time-out by Facebook because of his use of inflammatory language about an imaginary country. Weirdly, Larry blames that ban on bots:

“A month after I posted that comment above, I caught my first Facebook ban for hate speech, My crime? Pretending to be from one imaginary country of proud (but genocidal) sandwich makers, and insulting another imaginary country. It was obviously the stupid Facebook bots, but my fans had a lot of fun with it.”

But cites the screenshot as evidence that it is active malice getting him banned now:

“Because that one wasn’t bots with dumb code, that was a bunch of prog scumbags realizing that if they report my posts to Facebook, I just get auto blocked. We’ve even got screen shots of them bragging about it.”

The really weird thing is that it would be fairly easy for Larry to avoid most of the bans he is complaining about. As far as I can see, the ‘bans’ are more limitations on how much he can post due to 1. the kinds of comments his posts attract and which are often content free but a proportion of which use violent, weirdly sexual or sexually violent terms and 2. specific harassment campaigns. So far he has cited zero examples of him getting a time-out for his actual politics and his posts on Facebook are rarely* getting removed (even quite verbally abusive ones). It’s actually amazing how much latitude Facebook gives him.

Larry is also complaining that Facebook never bans leftists. This is not true of course. His comrades had me banned from Facebook — not unjustly because I’d also violated the Facebook terms of service by using a name that I can’t back with real world ID (Camestros Felapton). During their Fieldsy caper, assorted Sad Puppy sympathisers apparently complained to Facebook and my account was blocked. I’m not moaning about that, the impact on me was close to zero, just pointing out that while Larry imagines flocks of progressives combing Facebook banning conservatives, we know of actual cases of his supporters doing exactly that to people on the left.

Unlike myself, Larry is suffering some apparent hardship from temporary Facebook bans. He has used Facebook to help drive sales and to organise fans and he’s now frustrated because of fairly minor measures Facebook have enacted. As far as I can tell it is mainly the name calling in his posts and violent imagery in comments but getting his point across without those is way too hard for Larry. A professional writer who can’t outwit some very not-bright Facebook bots? Good grief.

*[I think, I’m going off Larry’s own statements. Perhaps lots of posts his have been vanished but that doesn’t match his own complaints.]


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  1. Posts like this show you really need to stretch your imaginative faculties rather wider, because you’re still trying to analyze Larry’s conduct as the end result of a reasoning process. It is emotion — resentment — that governs him. Any intrusion on his Peter Pan-like existence that an adult would deal with in another way can only be handled by Larry by summoning all his Lost Boys to protect him and shout to the sky all the sex-tinged revenges they can imagine (which are usually the same two or three).

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  2. Larry is utterly convinced that outside forces are behind his temporary time-out {snippage} During their Fieldsy caper, assorted Sad Puppy sympathisers apparently complained to Facebook and my account was blocked.

    Larry’s indulging in the Right’s favourite psychological projection games here. He thinks that just because he and his people do it, then everyone else must do it too. After all, it can’t be because he broke Facebook’s rules. oh no.

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    • I’m confident there are left wing people being arses on Facebook and I’m confident people report them and I’m confident that Facebook does the same sort of confused and inconsistent response. Of course that very inconsistency means people experience both Facebook leniency and Facebook heavy handedness (but see leniency to them as only just or don’t even see it all because it involves Facebook doing nothing)

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      • I recently got a warning from Facebook after making a post about 2nd Amendment advocates and their slacking of their duties regarding to our current tyrannical president. Pretty sure that was coming from a more left-ish PoV.

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  3. Just clicked through that link to the whingy Correia post and got a pop-up asking for an email address so that I could be informed of every new unhinged rant, because Facebook is meany-heads.

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  4. Things Larry could do to stop being banned on Facebook: stop being a complete arseclown.

    Since he won’t stop doing that, he can enjoy his bans and we can enjoy his whiny rants about being persecuted for being an arseclown.

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  5. If you mention Correia three times while looking in the mirror, a group of CHORFs will call abuse against your breakfast.

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  6. Curiously Correia doesn’t realize how he’s unlikely to get what he wants.

    1. If Facebook is lobbied to relax the rules then that would in principle allow Correia to be as unhinged as he likes. However Facebook if Facebook is turning it’s platform into a colossal free for all the site would likely become unusable and cost money. All kind of other interest groups and users would in turn lobby Facebook to raise standards again. So Correia is simply outnumbered. And within his beau ideal target harassment would be much more possible and likely which might bite this guys in the buttocks.

    3. If Correia is right and and TOS are unevenly enforced then this would only help him if conservatives are held to a standard which goes way beyond a reasonable reading of the TOS.
    But Correia is of course full of it. He violates the TOS. Uneven enforcement in this case would only mean that more of his political opponents get the shaft. No use to Correia at all.

    3. If an antitrust case is brought against Facebook the whole thing is broken up then these smaller businesses would still have a TOS which is unlikely to serve Correia’s wishes partly for the reasons above.

    4. Turning the the whole thing into a public utility would be the most favorable option for him.Now here things are getting interesting. Strife, conflicts and disputes would on some level require laws and likely new laws beyond the current ones and subsequent enforcement. Which means if someone engages in targeted harassment or defamation / libel or a myriad of other no so nice things courts and the whole judicial machinery would get involved. So also not so good for Correia.

    Note I’m speculating here lot here. If some of you find value in this and have something to correct or add I would be chuffed.

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    • Its the old thing with your siblings.

      Telling your parents that your brother was breaking the rules too doesn’t get you unpunished. It just means your brother also gets in trouble.

      If the terms of service are unsatisfactory one can always leave, which it seems Correia is contemplating.


    • @sff42, perhaps you’re forgetting that a key part of the RWNJ playbook, in recent years, is ‘But it’s OK if we do it.’ Moral consistency is a thing unknown.

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      • No, I’m not forgetting this. The phrase IOKIYAR “It’s okay if you’re Republican” was bandied about during the Bush years. And of course Correia thinks he belongs to a kind of nobility of merit because of his affiliations and affinities and demands special treatment. I was just trying to show (well, spell out) how futile his flailings and rantings are. Of course his behavior has other perks like having and audience and it may help, though I can’t prove that, to push his books. Not unlike Ben Shapiro selling supplements and books.


  7. LC is being very silly. Facebook is exceedingly easy to game and doesn’t do anything if you amass enough followers or if newspeople aren’t on their ass about it. They had an entire page dedicated to the bigoted myth that Jews used to ritually kill and eat babies. People had been reporting it for years and they refused to take it down until they got stuck in a bad PR situation because ProPublica published an investigative story about 49 hate groups with pages, including that one. Facebook wiped them out under the public scrutiny.

    And just this week, we had the “I Love America” group page that had 1.4 million members/subscribers — good ad revenue since 2017. Except it wasn’t run by Americans and was a pro-Trump, etc. propaganda operation by the Ukrainians along with several other pages. People had also been reporting that page for years because it was clearly a fake group, but it was only when journalist Judd Legum of Public Information stopped trying to report it to Facebook and instead published news stories about the Ukrainian ownership that Facebook took action — eight hours after the story hit the web and got picked up in the wake of Trump’s treason with the Ukrainians.

    And right after, a whole bunch of people are setting up I Love America pages or pages with that plastered somewhere on it to try and get those 1.4 million who lost their Ukranian meme group. So why doesn’t Larry just do that? Make an I Love America page or something. Gather in the rubes. Since he’s really not a big interest of the press now that the brief blip of the Sad Puppies is over, it’s unlikely it will get any news coverage so Facebook will happily leave it up, even if it gets some reports.

    There has never been a better time to build a conservative platform and try to link it to far right media, especially on Facebook. LC is just being incompetent. But if he’s going to whine that Facebook is too hot for him, he should be trying to do it on a platform with wider potential dispersal than his blog. Try Instagram or YouTube livestreaming. That’s where the money is these days. I am disappointed in the level of effort here.

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    • It is ironic also because despite his original success publishing himself, I don’t think he could survive being a modern Amazon-indie. The bad-actors in that world are as ready to break the rules as he is but they also adapt their behaviour based on how Amazon enforces its rules. Larry seems to lack the temperament to do that. He’s letting his feud against Mike get himself pushed off Facebook, a platform he believes brings him sales and which his main way of connecting with fans online.

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        • Because Larry is such a big champion of free speech, he has forbidden File 770 from ever mentioning anything Correia related ever again. That imperial degree has not been followed. And/or/also Larry was drumming up Dragon Award votes and needed something to rant about. It would be funny if it wasn’t so vindictive and encouraging to other harassers.

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        • Kat Goodwin: Yes, but why is he feuding with Mike? Was there some new thing?

          I think Mike may have quoted him in a Scroll again.

          The “feud” started when Mike was posting in-context quotes from the Puppies back during 2015-2017, and including links to the source of the quotes. Of course, the things that Puppies were saying made them look really bad, so naturally instead of engaging in some introspection about how they were demonstrating themselves to be idiots and jerks, they blamed Mike for making it publicly obvious that they were being idiots and jerks. That led to The Great Champion Of Free Speech Larry Correia publicly declaring that Mike was not allowed to post his name or anything about him.

          So now, whenever a Scroll has a news item about Correia, one of his snivelling sycophants runs over to Correia’s blog to wind him up about it, because Correia, like any petulant 3-year-old, is so very easy to wind up and manipulate. What’s really hilarious is that it’s his own “fans” doing this to him.

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      • Oh a decree. I see. They get to rant about y’all and you’re not supposed to talk about them, because you are fanatical liars and now, apparently, thieves of hyperlinks. Meanwhile they try to dox and swat.

        But again, usually the folk who do this are trying to use it for video streaming bucks, like the Comicsgate guys. Or there are the Instagram accounts. Of course, Tik Tok is now taking on some of that stuff for the young people, and YouTube is being picky on follower count, but there’s still some juice in those platforms. All he needs is a whiskey glass, a skull figurine and a nice curtain backdrop.

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  8. I think Mike should just run a Pixel Scroll with nothing but Larry’s name for each numbered para. Maybe with some creative misspellings just to keep it interesting. Should we sponsor a contest to find the best misspellings?

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