Dave Freer has lost it again

OK, obviously I already have a strong reasons to doubt Dave’s reasoning and comprehension skills but I didn’t expect him to pitch so strongly for the “Worst Take on the Campbell Award Name Change” award. Prepare yourselves for some what-the-whatting-what? reactions to this:

“it is… wryly funny that Ng, who plainly believes that all members of any group are alike as two peas in a pod and merely express the character defined by their skin color, sex or ethnicity, rather than being individuals… is Chinese. Her viewpoint therefore defines the Chinese as a group, all guilty of the sins of any other Chinese. Hmm. Think about it: Are the Chinese known for ‘Imperialism and colonizing, being settlers and industrialists, ever. Heaven forfend such a thought… Tibet? The Paracels? Shenzen industries, etc. Or having a vast male bias reflected in the numbers of girl children aborted in favor of boys – leading to a sex imbalance of millions. No pot calling a kettle names here…”

https://madgeniusclub.com/2019/09/02/the-value-of-name/ [archive link]

Dave is finding it ironic hat somebody born in Hong Kong is criticising a specific person (with well documented views) because the Chinese government does bad things? The same Chinese government that she very bravely criticised in the very same speech Dave is whining about?

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  1. Thats less surprsing than you probably think. A lot of these rightwingers only have one argument: “My country is better than yours”. And they apply it no matter the topic, as long its against someone from a different country.

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      1. Hahaha, *you did*?? 😀

        If I would select the smart ones, it would be Cedar Sanderson or possibly Amanda S Green. Those who were wise enough to understand that htis was a dead-end and learned to move forward instead.

        Smart is nothing I can associate with Freer. Unhinged and rambling is more like it.

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  2. Jumping Jeebus…”Ng, who plainly believes that all members of any group are alike as two peas in a pod and merely express the character defined by their skin color, sex or ethnicity, rather than being individuals”. Really? I think we should all play this game:

    “Freer, who plainly believes that Nelson Mandela should have been executed by elephant stomping, rather than being released…”

    “Beale, who plainly believes that the world took a definite turn for the worst when Adolph Hitler killed himself, and Mussolini was hung by his heels like a side of beef,…”

    “John Wright, a follower of the Comte de Maistre, plainly believes in the blood sacrifice of innocents in order to return men to God via the expiation of the sins of the guilty (e.g., lesbian cartoon weddings)….”

    LEGAL NOTICE: This is parody. Of Dave Freer. And it’s opinion as well. I don’t really think the above-named bozos hold these views. And while I’m at it, fuck off MGC.

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  3. I particularly like the irony of (falsely) accusing Ms. Ng of ethnic essentialism while Freer himself, in the same breadth, practically paraded that very trait down Main Street with ticker tape: Although born in Hong Kong and ethnically Han, Ms. Ng is British. Which very basic datum doesn’t take a genius to discover, actually, sane or not.

    (The Vietnamese surname Ng or Ngo is distantly related, but in this case I’d wager it’s a Cantonese name, one I encountered in Hong Kong all the time as a lad.)

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  4. Isn’t Freer Australian/British?

    But yeah, I doubt he read the whole speech, they seldom do. He’s saying that her speech was that Campbell and all Americans are bad and their culture inferior but China has done bad things and clearly has an inferior culture so how dare a Chinese-born woman criticize Americans and suggest that Americans could do anything to improve things going forward. Like change the name of an award away from a man who was an open racist and blocked non-white authors’ careers, which made many non-white authors feel they were being shut out of and derided by the field that particularly celebrated him. Freer is pointing out that indeed she isn’t welcome in the field, much less should get an award, if she’s critical of the white, Manifest Destiny men who call her and people like her slurs. It’s very much a how dare she not know her place rant and classic what-about-ism distraction sauce.

    That Ng also heavily criticized China as part of her speech isn’t important because men like Freer don’t care. It’s only white (patriarchal) imperialism that needs to be defended because that’s the power structure they want to keep intact. Ng’s win threatens that power structure. Her using her free speech to criticize it in her speech — her being able to do that — threatens the power structure. The fact that Dell, having been mulling it over awhile, decided to change the award name after her speech, challenges that power structure — and Freer’s sense of identity apparently.

    Ng is a person who isn’t supposed to be able, in our society, to talk to or in front of someone like Freer like that. If she can and she’s praised for it and it makes a change towards more equal treatment, that means for him that he has less status in the world and the ability to control people like Ng in society has lessened. So his argument is that other places are worse and so white-run democracies shouldn’t have to get better. And that Ng, of course, should shut up. That’s always the main point — that the marginalized should shut up and know their unchanging place.

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      1. Ah yeah, that makes sense, sadly. Just the other day, Lauren Beukes was talking about how crowd attacking techniques used in South Africa in the old days were now being used by the Chinese in Hong Kong.

        Working for equality is about working for equality everywhere, against imperialism everywhere, including with each other and our unchallenged assumptions and comforts. If we get one thing — women can vote in a country, a Chinese born British woman can win a respected writing award, etc., we want more things that lead to more equality. We don’t stop talking about that just because we got one thing in one place. We want things to get better, not simply continue with limited and uneven equality, with democracies that are only fully democratic for some people, not others. That’s basically what Ng’s speech was about.

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  5. “The same Chinese government that she very bravely criticised in the very same speech Dave is whining about?”

    Point of order! You are assuming Dave read all of what he is criticising. Facts not in evidence, m’lud.

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  6. Jeannette Ng of course held a reading of two of her short stories to great acclaim to a room full of mostly whitish people who seemed chuffed for her winning the award yesterday. Somehow she managed to do this while being utterly charming and not cursing anyone as white devil.
    She also didn’t fail to mention the situation in Hongkong and trying to rally support for the cause.

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  7. It’s not just that he consistently manages to get the wrong end of the stick, often it’s the wrong stick. Sometimes it’s not even a stick.

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    1. What I still find really baffling is that Freer, Hoyt, Correia, et al have so little personal pride that they are willing to have their childish, irrational rantings posted on the internet where they will be visible for eternity. Why they would continually want to post things that shout “Look at how stupid I am!” is utterly beyond me. It’s as if they’re all in a competition with each other to prove which of them can spout the most irrational blather.

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      1. Some variation on Dunning-Kruger? They genuinely believe themselves to be intelligent and rational despite all evidence to the contrary.

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      2. You weren’t supposed to be reading what he wrote when he lied in an attempt to dox you and then helped try to swat the Meadows over their kid after accusing you of being Prof Meadows?

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      3. JJ: “It’s as if they’re all in a competition with each other to prove which of them can spout the most irrational blather.”

        Let me tell you, Dave and Larry are getting left in the dust of that three-person race.

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      4. I strongly suspect that Brian Niemeier has lost all touch with reality and now believes that he’s living in one of his novels where demons have possessed the people he considers his political opponents.

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