Month: Sep 2019

  • Musical instruments sorted by genre

    As classified by the genre police. Saxophone – science fiction Trumpet – fantasy Violin – fantasy, urban fantasy and horror Piano – steam punk Harpsichord – Paranormal romance but set in regency England Drums (in general) – fantasy Cello – science fiction Flute – fantasy Xylophone – horror Kazoo – science fiction Triangle – science […]

  • Currently Reading: The Will to Battle (Terra Ignota 3) by Ada Palmer

    How behind am I in the books I intended to read some time ago? Not as far behind as the rest of you because I know you are all even worse and have to live in constant fear that the towers of unread books will collapse on top of you resulting in a headline in […]

  • How Come Cats are All the Same Size?

    Good evening, I am Timothy the Talking Cat wearing a clumsy photocopy of a mask of veteran science broadcaster James Burke and tonight I will be unravelling a chain of historical events that answers key questions of modern times. Tonight I answer the question: how come cats are all the same size? Like many modern […]

  • Using My Time Machine to Fix Right Wing Views on Climate

    Ha! Tricked you all! This is a post about Larry Correia again! Larry has suddenly decided that he is really into more literary science-fiction and is making an assertive defence of Dan Simmons. Simmons (an author whose books I do actively seek out) went off an a bit of anti-Greta Thunberg thung on Facebook. Many […]

  • Review: Mindhunter Season 2

    Well this is odd. I was convinced I had written a review of season 1 but I can’t find one on my blog. The link and summary to that review would go around about here: [empty space]. Mindhunter is a difficult show to summarise. It is not hard to provide a straight-forward description: The show […]

  • Ersatz Culture’s Gender Graphs

    Ersatz Culture has been systematically graphing all the awards (well, lots of them but maybe not all of them) in terms of gender and very systematically. There are a host of different patterns in those graphs – note these are my observations not those of Ersatz Culture. Some awards are more volatile than others […]

  • Events…

    In the UK the Supreme Court has ruled that Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament was unlawful ( ). The ruling doesn’t itself bring a solution to Brexit any closer (except in terms of the no-deal deadline getting closer just by the passage of time) but it is a hefty blow to Johnson trying to […]

  • You haven’t mentioned Larry Correia in a couple of days…

    This is true but he is still ranting. According to Larry he has been banned from posting on Facebook again and he is very cross about the fact that a company that provides him a free service enforces its own terms and conditions. Here’s a link but I seriously wouldn’t bother: Larry is utterly […]

  • Loved Books: Rocannon’s World & Planet of Exile

    Paul Weimer recently had a review of Planet of Exile at Skiffy & Fanty: I love that early Le Guin story and I wanted to find my copy. I’d mentioned the odd version I had back when I wrote about Le Guin just after she died. However, I can see I misremembered some things […]

  • Sunday Beer: Coopers XPA

    A variation on an Australian standard.