Just one more Hugo stat

There’s no great significance here, it is just a figure I calculated and thought I’d share.

The Hugo stats gave figures for the number of nominating votes and the number of things nominated. The actual number of votes per nominee will follow some sort of power-law distribution but what if we just divide the number of votes by the number of nominees. This is like pretending all the nominees got the same number of votes.

A big number means there are lot more votes than nominees i.e. the field of things to nominate is relatively small compared to the number of people nominating. A small number means the field is big compared to the number of people nominating. [I think BDP-S is misleading, each episode would count as a nominee but the pool of shows is small]

Novella and Short have the biggest contrast and reflect very different sizes of the pools of works being nominated. The mean is about 3, so Fanzine is normal by this measure but this reflects a smaller pool with a smaller number of voters i.e. the two things balance out.

Category Spread
Novel 3
Novella 6
Novelette 3
Short 1
Series 4
Graphic 2
Editor-S 4
Editor-L 4
Pro-Art 2
Semipro 6
Fanzine 3
Fancast 2
Fan writer 2
Fan art 2
Art-book 3
Lodestar 2
Campbell 3

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