Sunday Beer: Guinness being a bit extra

Darkly delicious.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Beer: Guinness being a bit extra

  1. Mmmmmm Guinness!

    IMHO, though, only the draft Guinness is really worth it.

    I don’t have any beer in the house right now, but I do have a bottle of Old Grand-Dad 114 that I’ve been enjoying from time to time. I’m not willing to spend the money for really high-falutin’ liquor, but I like to try new-to-me whiskeys every once in a while. This one was suggested to me by a liquor-store owner, and I like it!


  2. Last year a friend of mine put on a blind beer test (scoring the beer on actual taste rather than the reputation). Guiness did well unsurprisingly, and almost as unsuprisingly – was universally identified correctly by all the blind tasters as Guiness.

    FYI it went vegan not that long ago (apparently it had some fish in it before). I can’t tell the difference.

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      1. Isinglass (the fining agent Guinness used to use to remove haze from the finished product) is fish *collagen* (the swimming bladder). I don’t think they ever said what they switched to, but they may have just upgraded their filtering.


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