An SVG test…

I hadn’t realised the new(ish) WordPress editor has a custom HTML block. In theory that should let me put SVG graphics on a blog page now. I’m just testing it. You should see a yellow circle with a green circumference.

It previews OK but the proof is in the posting.

ETA: Nope. The SVG code gets removed when the whole thing posts.

2 thoughts on “An SVG test…

  1. One of the things that makes me happy that I resisted the website designers’ plans for the online SF Encyclopedia to be updatable only through their very special and wonderful (and agonizingly slow) CMS front end is that said CMS silently reduces HTML en and em dashes to single hyphens. BECAUSE IF WE ALLOWED WANTON USE OF YOUR PREFERRED PUNCTUATION MARKS WHERE WOULD ALL THIS END?

    This was the highly skilled designer team which, as I never tire of mentioning, designed a search engine that cleverly ignores common words that are not worth inclusion in search queries. With the result that a search for IF magazine, for which OF COURSE we have an entry, returns … oh it’s too depressing to go on.

    This is also the highly skilled designer team that has since been fired.

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