Thursday Gin

I was given as a gift a small (200 ml) bottle of barrel aged gin — that’s gin that’s been aged in whisky barrels. Damn — very nice but I suspect a decent whisky is cheaper.


5 responses to “Thursday Gin”

  1. That’s an odd coincidence – I belong to a gin club, and the bottle they sent out this time was Manly’s London gin. It’s excellent, even if not as fancy (or expensive) as that particular product.

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  2. There’s a distillery in my town that does barrel aged gin and it’s one of my favorites. They use local wood in their barrels, which caused a mild allergic reaction in my partner who has an allergy to those trees.


  3. Ooooo, ya lost me there. I’ve got nothing against barrel aging, but a tiny bit of gin is the only thing that ever gave me a raging hangover. No more gin for me!

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