Month: Aug 2019

  • Review: The Boys (Amazon)

    The Boys is an anti-superhero action series based very loosely on a very violent comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Set in an America in which superheroes are real, it follows a group of ex-CIA operatives who act as a kind of black-ops/terrorist cell with the objective of taking down the highest profile superhero […]

  • Time for an updated Brexit infographic

    For people keeping track…

  • The 1990s were peak dinosaur

    I have been playing with the Google n-gram viewer to look at when dinosaurs were appearing most often in books. It looks like the late 1990s, in the wake of Jurassic Park was the top time to encounter dinosaurs in print. But which dinosaurs? Here’s a selection: The volume for brontosaurus surprises me and makes […]

  • Hugosauriad 4.8: Uncanny Magazine and The Tale of the Three Beautiful Raptor Sisters… by Brooke Bolander

    The history of the Hugo Awards is intimately connected to the history of science-fiction and fantasy magazines. For decades Best Novel winners were often first published as serialised stories in the most notable magazines. By 2019 the age of the news stand sci-fi magazine was long over, although some venerable magazines were still in publication […]

  • Science fiction is dead…Long live Science Fiction!

    I’m still trawling the intertubes for reactions to the name change of the John W Campbell Award to the Astounding Award. To add to the list of whiners here is the opinion of the failed fantasy writer, failed science fiction editor and failed science fiction publisher Vox Day: “It is debatable when science fiction officially […]

  • For some it is about marking territory

    Good news from the people at Analog magazine – the Campbell Award for New Writers is going to be renamed the Astounding Award. A swift (in the end) change and a clever new name that connects the future of the award with its past. The story is well covered elsewhere, so I’m off to […]

  • Some definitions of fascism

    As the question of whether some historical figures were or were not fascists is in debate here is a variety of definitions. They vary primarily in the extent to which they aim to described specific similarities with Italian fascism of the 1930s or wider movements of a similar character. For reference and use later. fascism […]

  • Day confirms the Castalia retreat

    I suggested a few days ago that it looked like the far-right publishing house Castalia had stopped publishing new science fiction. There was not an immediate reaction from Vox Day, the white nationalist behind the publisher. However on his blog [archive link] today he more-or-less confirms what was apparent: “In light of the changes in […]

  • Hugosauriad 4.7: Extinction event 3 – Vox Day, Alien Strippers and Voting Reform

    Of all the stories I’ve covered in this series, this chapter has the most inconsequential. A story of little merit and no lasting impact, it exists simply to mark an end-point. It’s presence on the Hugo ballot was as a doomed attempt to repeat a prank that had already badly backfired on its perpetrator. When […]

  • This is an interesting post about awards from Mad Genius Club

    Not much commentary or analysis from me but I thought this post by Cedar Sanderson was interesting: Minor quibble: in the section on the Dragon Awards I think she is getting 2017 confused with 2018 when she says “Last year they declaimed and protested any contact with the feelthy commoners” It makes no sense […]

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