Are Sad Puppy Supporters Attacking Sad Pup Wikipages Now?

Here’s a weird twist on the ongoing temper tantrum. There was a very brief attempt to flag Brad Torgersen’s Wikipedia page as being not notable (see: ). The attempt was slapped down by Wikipedia editors fairly promptly for the obvious reason that Brad may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but he’s got a pile of evidence of notability.

On Facebook Brad is claiming victim status:

“I’ve been alerted to the fact that digital vandals of a distinctly “woke” persuasion have been trying to get my Wikipedia listing deleted for being (and I quote) Not A Notable Author.”

I suppose it’s not a huge leap to assume the politics of somebody trying to downgrade Brad’s page might be on the left except…well it was from an IP address account without much of a trail targetting an account that was very unlikely to be deleted*. And here’s another thing…shortly before this attempt was made on Brad’s page, Michael Z Williamson ‘predicted’ it would happen on his own Facebook page [archive link].

Notably, experienced editors dealing with the various cases of harassment and sockpuppetry from Williamson’s supporters over his page deletion argument, far from targetting Brad’s page were arguing for his (and John Ringo’s) page to be protected [see comment time stamped at 15:13, 24 July 2019 (UTC) here ]

Notably, Williamson is also boasting that he called in advance the other ‘targets’ of deletion: Tom Kratman and Sarah Hoyt. This appears to be true and interestingly in the order that the events happened. Curious.

Both Williamson and Kratman had weak pages and as has been discussed their notability genuinely is not straightforward to establish against Wikipedia’s guidelines. Sarah Hoyt’s though was stronger (although her page is puffed up) and Torgersen is straight forwardly notable. If some leftist was on a crusade against puppy author pages there are easier targets [not going to point them out].

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  1. Plenty of a-holes to go around, regardless of politics. No reason to speculate really. It might just have been a random troll patrolling the notice board and seeing a chance to add some extra drama. Plenty of that kind.

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  2. Well, the Wikipedia staff were uncovering various bits of sockpuppetry from MZW, and IIRC he had multiple FB accounts for the (regular) occasions when he got suspended, so *maybe* ?

    Either way, what’s noticeable is that the old pattern of taking some fairly low level peeves and working them up into a Grand Conspiracy is still in operation. Grievance Politics, if you will.

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    • True, true but when we have a community of people who think 1. the left constantly stages attacks against itself to draw sympathy and 2. that they should use the left’s tactics against themselves…


    • Well, he was a finalist for the Campbell Award and a Hugo finalist under his own steam shortly before the puppy mess started and then won two more Hugo nominations in 2014 during the first puppy year. He is also published by Baen and occasionally has stories in Analog, which their readers seem to like. I think he even won their reader poll once. Plus, he ran the Sad Puppy slate in 2015. So IMO, he’s certainly notable enough or Wikipedia.

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  3. It’s kind of sad to me that this small group is so hostile and paranoid and and defensive. I mean, they cannot even recognize that the people they think are their avowed enemies are actually on their side, being pretty supportive and even making suggestions to help them out, affirming their notability etc. It’s definitely a localized case study in 21st c political sociology more generally. Nobody hates them as much as they seem to need to think someone hates them and that is just a miserable way to go through life.

    But seriously, MZW’s photo choices really do undermine his attempt to position himself as Serious Notable Author.
    ** is reminded of Paul Ryan’s gym “workout” photos. cringes in duplicate **

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