Re: My Moaning About Awards Called “Dragon”

Dragon Con accidentally tweeted to the wrong Dragon Awards yesterday (thanks to Doris for spotting this).

Those poor souls who have ever had to try and cover Dragon Award news will sympathise with the error. Dragon Con apparently tweeted to the account of the City of London Dragon Awards (hard to tell, the account is largely unused).[ETA: A reverse image search on the logo shows that it is the Göteborg Film Festival as others had suggested]

So to help others here are a list of some of the other Dragon Awards. If you want to win them all then you’ll need to make a Chinese language SF movie about Welsh kids sleeping in tents and write a kid’s book about it and have connection with a couple of universities and be based in London running a Spanish/Romanian company in China. Alternately, the easiest way to win a Dragon Award is to set up your own awards called “The Dragon Awards”, hard to see how anyone could claim exclusivity.

Scouts Cymru: The Scouts in Wales offer an award that were “The idea is to sleep under canvas at least one night in each month of the year. You do not have to complete a stage within one calendar year, because, in some cases this may just not be possible. Spend as long as you want to get any part of the award but if you miss a month, you will have to wait until the same month next year to complete the missed night.”

Blue Dragon Film Awards: according to Wikipedia: “The Blue Dragon Film Awards considers only blockbusters and popular movies of high artistic value released during the previous year. During the selection process, about forty movies that have made it to the final list are screened to the public for free. After the screening of each selection, the awards ceremony opens. The Blue Dragon Film Awards and Grand Bell Awards are the most popular film awards in South Korea.” (for genre fans Bong Joon-Ho’s The Host won in 2006)

Hong Kong Book Awards: Golden Dragon Award “Set up by the Association of Librarians in English Speaking Schools (ALESS), the Awards are an opportunity for students of all ages in Hong Kong to vote on their favourite books. The books are nominated by schools across Hong Kong and the short list is selected by a panel of librarians from both primary and secondary schools. Books are chosen for their broad appeal, subject matter, design and international representation. “

International Chinese Film Festival: also have a Golden Dragon Award: “The Golden Dragon Award will honour, award and encourage preeminent and significant Chinese filmmakers and their works. The ICFF jury will consist an international team of high profile, directors, producers, actors, actresses and filmmakers.”

Göteborg Film Festival: “As by tradition, Göteborg Film Festival will close with the Dragon Awards gala, where the winners are announced. Among the annual awards are; the world’s largest film prize with the amount of one million Swedish Kronor, Dragon Award Best Nordic Film and The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award, which was established by the director himself. “

Lord Mayor of London: This is the one that tends to get caught in my search criteria the most: “The Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards celebrates excellence in social impact both within Greater London and nationally, for the Regional Impact Award and Lord Mayor’s Award categories.”

Orion Township Public Library: “Lake Orion 3rd – 5th Graders:Vote for your favorite to win The Dragon Award!”

Emory University Office of Research Administration: “The Office of Research Administration (ORA) has implemented a new staff recognition and award program named The ORA Dragon Awards. During the next ORA’s Biannual Town Hall, staff members will be recognized for their excellence through leadership, service and performance in support of the Emory’s strategic goal of One Emory: Engaged for Impact. ” Man, I love the gulf between what that strategic goal probably is and what they are calling it “One Emory Engaged for Impact” Are they planning to pilot this university into a rival university destroying both in the process? ENGAGE FOR IMPACT!!!!!!

Drexel University Alumini: “Each year, Drexel Alumni recognizes graduates for outstanding achievements in their profession, in the community and within the University. Drexel Alumni also recognizes outstanding students for demonstrated leadership throughout their time at Drexel.”

Malaysia Marketing Magazine: “The 2018 Dragons of Malaysia Marketing Communications Awards is in its final stages. The following Companies (in alphabetical order), are all Winners of Malaysia Gold, or Silver or Bronze Dragon Trophies.” Yeah, yet more Gold Dragons…

Transylvania World: “The “Order of the Dragon” award is a distinction that Transylvania World association will present (starting with 2018) to distinct personalities from the Romanian and foreign social-cultural background, for promoting Transylvania and its traditional values in line with the historical truth, the original Dacian mythology and the Romanian folklore. The award is inspired by both the significance of the dragon as part of the Dacian battle flag (a wolf’s head and dragon’s body), and the significance of the Order of the Dragon, established in 1403 by a group of 24 knights from different European countries, order Vlad the Impaler (Draculea) was a member of at a certain point in his life.” I have to concede ‘inspired by Vlad the Impaler’ pushes this award up a bit in significance.

Castle Hill Elementary PTA: “Dragon Awards, sponsored by CHE PTA, is a program recognizing our students’ achievements. It encourages students to strive for excellence by motivating them to be involved in extra‐curricular activities. Participation in such activities stimulates learning on a variety of levels. This program allows EVERY student to earn at least (1) recognition pin.” That’s nice.

Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China: “the most distinguished prize of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China that recognizes the work carried out by companies and institutions in the field of trade relations, investment or business cooperation between Spain and China”

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  1. Don’t know what @DragonAwards is. City of London is @Dragon_Awards. I also found The Pink Dragon Awards on Twitter (@WALESLGBTAWARDS). But the Dragon Awards just show @DragonCon on their website as their Twitter account.


    1. I think it might be a defunct or accidentally created account for the City of London awards, only because of the associated Twitter suggestions. Others have suggested a film award based on the content of its only tweet.


  2. I’d vote for either the Transylvanian one for coolness, or the Castle Hill one for cuteness.


      1. Emory University is obviously the perfect Dragon Award winner, since their motto sounds like a dialogue line from a bad military SF novel, which is very Dragon Award-worthy indeed. Plus, the university shares a name with a prominent character from K.B Wagers’ Indranan War series, which is great action-packed space opera, which will nonetheless make puppies cry, because it’s full of women and LGBT people and people of colour and set in a matriarchical galactic empire.

        I also love the idea that though the Dragon Awards are supposedly so coveted by certain demographics, there is a whole bunch of people and institutions who’ve won one of the many Dragon Awards, including at least one recognition pin for every student of Castle Hill Elementary.

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      2. When I was in high school debate, to Emory meant that you switched the order in which the speakers on the negative team went. (Originally it was called an Emory Switch and over time it became a verb shortened to Emory.) Given how scifi messes with your sense of reality often by switching things up, I’ll have to agree.


  3. As I said at the start, they should have named it after *a* dragon instead. The Fafnir Award, The Tiamat Award, The Wyrm Award, Ladon, Draco, Smaug, Nidhugg…

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