Announcing the Dragon Award Awards 2019

The Dragon Award Awards are an annual award to celebrate existence in the field of writing posts about awards named after dragons. The finalists are selected by typing “Dragon Award” blog into Google and seeing what the first eight entries are. The winner is arbitrarily selected from the finalists.

The finalists this year are:

And the winner is…“Scouts Cymru” for actually having some relevant connection to dragons. Congratulations to everybody and our partner Google who made this award possible by returning search results.

I felt sure I would win this year having rigged the rules deliberately in my favour and also appointing myself judge but with a strong field and a surprise entry from the Welsh contingent, I was out played.

14 thoughts on “Announcing the Dragon Award Awards 2019

  1. Clearly the correct winner. I hope the prize was a pack of Welsh Dragon Sausages (notorious for getting into trouble because they weren’t made from Dragons…)

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  2. My brother-in-law has a past as a satirical blogger. He had a post in which he decried the commercialization of decrying the commercialization of Christmas. Somehow I’m reminded of it here.

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      1. Dunno, but I can tell you the Promise is

        Ar fy llw, addawaf i wneud fy ngorau

        i wneud fy nyletswydd i Dduw ac i’r Frenhines

        i helpu pobl eraill ac i gadw Cyfraith y Sgowtiaid.

        (Found with some easy googling, no doubt due to their aforementioned excellent SEO skills)

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  3. I liked the part where my blog was mentioned. This has never happened in connection with the Dragon Awards before. Well, never without being accompanied by a four-letter-word.

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