SF Authors and Violence Against Nazis

Assorted ex-Puppies and Scrappy Doos remain in a self-sustaining tizz about anybody hinting at violence towards the far-right. Here’s our old chum Chris Chupik at Mad Genius Club:


And in a more rambling and confused melange of semi-untruths, Jon Del Arroz has a piece here [archive link].

I have to concede that science fiction/fantasy authors proposing extreme violence towards Nazis is not uncommon. Indeed, Del Arroz and Chupik are considering only a relatively minor example. It’s my duty to point them towards even more extreme examples of this trend. Consider this statement where a SFF author reveals that they considered literally cutting a section of skin off a Nazi sympathisers face:

“I’m all about shooting Nazis in the face. I had an incident earlier this year where I had to physically leave a place because there was a guy there with a swastika tattooed on his face and it was taking too much of my self-control not to draw my Benchmade and cut it off. ”

Gosh! I guess they’ll have to add that author to their list of “evil” people. Who was it again? Some guy called “Larry Correia” [archive link]

Also, I think my internet service has had an update or maybe its a new browser extension or something because I seem to be able to actually smell hypocrisy across the internet now.

22 thoughts on “SF Authors and Violence Against Nazis

      1. There’s truth, and there’s Truth, and there’s TRVTH. They know in their hearts that poison/acid/cement milkshakes are what we must throw, because–damn proof and the laws of physics–it’s what they would do, if it was them.

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    1. Well, personally I always found what little of his work I’ve tried to be overly political and stuffed so full of US rightwing talking points that they were about as fun to read as spending a day with your racist uncle. But to each their own.

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    2. Best comment there about the cognitive dissonance that turned them off the book: “MHI is funded by the government, and the strong self-reliant right-wing heroes are literally living off a taxpayer-funded government paycheck.”

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  1. Honestly? I am worried about how much anger and derangement is out there, especially in a context of an armed populace. Those Q Anon people are delusional. The alt-right has whipped itself into a frenzy and has moved on to the overt provocation and scapegoating phase of authoritarian takeovers. It’s not hard to point out their hypocrisy, but that doesn’t really help anything. They don’t care about logic or consistency or good faith. Fascism is an aggressive doctrine about power and the ability to hurt. That’s what they care about. Methods and responses have to adapt accordingly.

    I do believe that in the long run human kindness and the desire to be happy and make others happy reasserts itself (that moral arc of the universe being long etc) — because humans are social creatures and we do better when we hang together. But — if I resort to using the organic metaphor of bodies and diseases that are common among fascists — the current authoritarian-kleptocratic cancer is going to cost us all a lot in the near and medium range.

    I have some friends on the far left who are quite quite tiresome in their own way, but they are not violent or aggressive, just extreme and kind of ridiculous and self-righteous to the point of parody. They are also far, far fewer in number, and they not taken over the police/security apparatus or the courts. The “both sides are bad” argument doesn’t hold water. I do think the average citizen should be much more alert and worried about the global zeitgeist.

    We have real and deadly serious problems — climate change, mass population displacement, widening income disparity, bloated militaries and an arms race, surveillance states, inequities of all kinds — at exactly the time that our institutions and leadership are tottering under the weight of the challenge. I really wish the previous generation (lookin’ at you Biden and Bernie) would step off. You can’t fix what you broke. I don’t think that (generic) liberal democratic politicians have grasped the nature of their 21st century opponent or just how much the rule of law depends on people playing along with it. I’ll admit, I’ve been surprised by how disposable the rule of law turns out to be in practice (because the zeitgeist has finally reached my middle-class white world in ways that impact me directly).

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    1. I never shared the pre-Charlottesville (and some post) examples of people on Puppy blogs trying to explain why they thought it would be OK legally and morally to run over protestors in your car.

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  2. A lot of cops in cities have shown themselves openly in sympathy with para-military white supremacy groups like the Proud Boys and have gone after those protesting against them. The cement milkshake hoax was an attempt to get anti-fascist protesters killed by cops with a fake justification. After Charlottesville, when BLM and other groups worked tirelessly to have white supremacist attackers identified and brought up on charges for violent attacks the cops ignored during the riots, these groups got more cautious. And they’ve worked harder to get the police to do their dirty work for them with beatings, tear gas and arrests instead while they parade about carrying weapons illegally that they don’t use.

    But a lot of the cops are nervous too, so they have to resort to these conspiracies of violent threat to keep everything going and recruit, rather than just their tiny rallies where they get fist bumps from racist cops. Any violence, real or imagined, they use to try and declare all protest and criticism of white supremacy views illegitimate, unreasonable and threatening, like all anti-civil rights activism throughout history. Any call for equal rights is a threat, an irrational demand, a problem. Any exposure and criticism of bigoted hierarchies and the groups who love them is unreasonable and fake. They think it’s just a PR war of who is super coolest. But they keep trying to get people killed in it — frequently successfully — while claiming that they are about to die.

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    1. //A lot of cops in cities have shown themselves openly in sympathy with para-military white supremacy groups like the Proud Boys and have gone after those protesting against them. //

      Yup, active infiltration of the police going on as well.

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      1. Not just in the US either. In Germany, we had a scandal – vastly underreported in the media – involving a network of rightwing extremists inside the police and army. And it wasn’t just regular beat and traffic cops either, but members of SWAT teams and elita military units. They were even found to have compiled lists of “enemies” to be detained and eliminated on “day X”, when the Real Germans(TM) rise against Angela Merkel, multiculturalism, refugees and anybody who isn’t one of them.

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      2. Well that’s how they did it in the U.S. I mean, the cops have always been problematic, obviously, but they also went in on local elections — school boards that then pushed creationism and school prayer, town councils, zoning boards, city comptrollers, etc. If there was an election for dog catcher, they went for it and then when they had decent control, threw business to their cronies and started attacking civil rights and social aid wherever they could. Keep at it and they took control of state governments. Then they give their donor buddies tax breaks with Lucy-football promises of trickle down, declare austerity when that slashes revenues, cut off and divert social aid, sell off public assets for pennies to the corps and turn around and let the government be overcharged on contracts for what it used to own for the taxpayers, and cut regulations that protect workers in safety and pay so that businesses can gouge them and keep them desperate, and claim they’re creating jobs while companies lay off workers to bump up stock prices and do buy backs.

        And how do you keep them believing that you’ll hold the football for them to kick when you never do? By telling them it doesn’t matter if they’re flat on their back and you’ve yanked the football away (sold them out,) because at least they are still superior to those whiny POC, feminazis, LGBTQ, brown skinned foreigners who are claimed to be trying to make the country “weak” and no longer glorious. And who keep pointing out that you’re yanking the football away and harming everybody. The myth that Charlie Brown will eventually get to kick the football is how you work the hierarchy grift, and the claim that the marginalized are why he keeps missing it is the oil that keeps it running.

        So now Greece has gone fascist on the promise of trickle down tax cuts and jobs that won’t come. Instead, Greece’s slight improvement on unemployment will start reversing and what jobs there are will pay less, with fewer benefits and uncertain hours as automation continues. Social aid and healthcare will be slashed in the name of austerity and corporatism, as tourism drops and there’s no industry to replace it. And all to supposedly restore the “glory” of non-immigrant Greece (a country that has so many ethnic and racial blends in its centuries of history that the claim of Greek purity is ludicrous.) To have it “stand up” to the bullying (and bailouts) of the EU while hypocrites use “nationalism” to run lucrative scams. The fact that they tried the same thing back right after the Great Recession and it didn’t work, was full of corruption — and Golden Dawn murdered people — pshaw, it will work this time; you just have to be nastier to the marginalized you think are inferior and trying to push their way up.

        The myth of restoring glory by bigoted repression is always better than practical, economic solutions — including effective social aid. Because the myth is justified by the “threat” of conspiracies, concrete milkshakes, “armed” gangs, bathroom rapists, men unjustly fired by scheming women claiming harassment, illegal voter fraud and other right wing fairy tales that make people feel that they’ll kick the football. It doesn’t matter if the promise never delivers and the myths are revealed to be lies; the important thing is that they get the promise. And sadly, that they’ll get to hurt their neighbors.

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    1. FYI I should add that I’m not advocating actual violence – todays Nazi movement is better addressed by law enforcement rather thansubject to pan-global military action.

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