Month: Jul 2019

  • Hugosauriad 3.2: Our Lady of the Sauropods by Robert Silverberg

    The cover of the September 1980 cover of Omni boasted that “Robert Silverberg returns” without any further clarification on the manner of his reappearance. Silverberg (who pops in and out of this narrative in various roles) had taken a hiatus from short fiction due to the poor return compared to the effort and skill involved: […]

  • It’sssss last minute Hugo voting time!!!!!

    Voting ends 31 July 2019 at 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time (US) or 1 August at 2:59am Eastern Daylight Time (US), 07:59 am Irish and British time and 4:59 pm Sydney

  • Hugosauriad 1.?: A Paleozoic Side Trip — Gerry Carlyle & Hothouse Planet by Arthur K Barnes

    Cora Buhlert cleverly derailed my forward progress on my dinographic investigations by tweeting me this picture: The cover is from 1949 and from the text layout it isn’t immediately clear if the cover is meant to illustrate “The Portal in the Picture” or “Hothouse Planet”. It is, in fact, an illustration of Hothouse Planet which […]

  • Just a tiny bit more on Wikipedia

    The outcome of the second article up for deletion (Tom Kratman) was “keep”. The net effect of what the highly fragile souls surrounding Michael Z Williamson were calling an ‘unpersoning’ was zero articles deleted and both articles get some extra references and tidy-ups. It’s just like a Stalinist show trial but one were they come […]

  • Hugosauriad 3.1 Dinosaur Panet (I & II) by Anne McCaffrey

    Anne McCaffery’s Weyr Search won the 1968 Hugo Award for Best Novella making her the first woman to win a Hugo Award. Weyr Search would go on to form the first part of her first Pern novel: Dragonflight. Unfortunately for this project, dragons are excluded from consideration despite their many commonalities with dinosaurs. It was […]

  • Michael Z Williamson’s Wikipedia page has not been deleted

    For those keeping score, the Michael Z Williamson article on Wikipedia has not been deleted after a long and fractious discussion: The outcome of the deletion discussion was ‘no consensus’ i.e. notability wasn’t decided one way or another. This was mainly because of the brigade of trolls who descended on the discussion at Williamson’s […]

  • Sunday Beer: Chocolate Fish Milk Stout

    If you know any New Zealanders you know they have a thing for particular junk foods: pineapple lumps for example. Another treat likely to temp a Kiwi is chocolate fish — a fish shaped marshmallow covered in chocolate. This stout attempts to replicate that by adding raspberry to the beer. I’ve had bad experiences with […]

  • Hugosauriad 3: Jurassic 1972 – 1999

    Welcome to part 3 of a our journey through the Hugo Awards via the medium of dinosaurs: a genre of inquiry known as a dinography*. In the deep past the Jurassic is an age of dinosaur supremacy. An extinction event at the end of the Triassic reduced severely the range of species of large land […]

  • Just to reiterate…

    “They” aren’t “going after” Timothy Zahn. I’ve been wading through alarmist comments on Facebook re: Baen authors and Wikipedia. The brief notability tag on Sharon Lee’s page is still causing ripples of concern, even though it was removed. The other example that keeps coming up is Timothy Zahn. As I documented here, Zahn’s page does […]

  • Why secondary reliable sources matter

    I think most readers know the answer but in my current wanderings I keep see the question being asked: why does Wikipedia not like primary sources? After all, aren’t primary sources what historians value the most when collecting evidence? An encyclopedia entry is not meant to be a research project or an essay. It is […]

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