Cool! Straw Camestros makes a surprise return to Mad Genius Club

Apparently Dave Freer’s column at Mad Genius Club is on hiatus and readers there are being served warmed over pablum. This is one where Dave claimed that I believe “that reading is not for the common people”. The basis of this claim was that I drew a walrus riding a horse:

Fun times but I’ve learned my lesson…I obviously should have done a cover with a horse riding a walrus instead.


8 responses to “Cool! Straw Camestros makes a surprise return to Mad Genius Club”

  1. *shakeshead*
    You of all people should know the difference between genres!

    Something is riding a horse –> Western
    A horse is riding something –> Mystery

    You cant just switch them around and expect the same results!

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  2. Well, I like an occasional nostalgic “remember the puppy days” article, so I shan’t begrudge them this one.

    (I wanna read like common people, I want the same genres common people do….)

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