Missing Moments of Modern Art

The Persistence of Timothy

3 thoughts on “Missing Moments of Modern Art

  1. If you’re going to do Dali and cats, why not do Dali Atomicus?

    Granted, Timothy would prefer to be the thrower rather than the throwee, I presume…


      1. It’s a pretty famous photo, but granted, if you asked people to list ‘famous photos’ most lists would be really short.

        It’s even more mean once you realize that it took 26 takes to get it right. No Photoshop here, they had to get the timing of everything exactly right for it to work.

        Though at least according to one story I read years ago, the cats were fed pretty well (including caviar) after it was over. Well, and between takes. The takes weren’t exactly immediately sequential, as the cats (and sometimes Dali himself) had to be dried off between shots while the film was developed.

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