Just a little bit of Puppy history

Well this looks like a well deserved announcement:

“Tom Doherty Associates is pleased to announce (and, you know, Tor.com is not unbiased here!) that effective immediately, Irene Gallo is promoted to Vice President, Publisher of Tor.com! In this newly created role, Irene will be fully dedicated to the Tor.com website and imprint.”


Good for her and well deserved given the range and quality of Tor.com output over the past few years.

Of course, the announcement can’t help but echo here because of one of the uglier parts of the 2015 Sad Puppy campaign which included an attempt by several people connected with that campaign to attack Irene Gallo by launching a boycott of Tor books. (see https://camestrosfelapton.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/what-about-that-tor-boycott-thing/ and more recently https://camestrosfelapton.wordpress.com/2019/02/17/back-to-the-revised-history-of-a-debarkle/)

As I said more than once, the whole thing had a dramatic entrance but lacked any kind of distinct end. I guess Puppy-related people still aren’t buying Tor books and I guess nobody cares. Here’s a graph from Google Trends that shows the rapid rise and fall in interest in the topic:


10 thoughts on “Just a little bit of Puppy history

  1. This tweet is totally unrelated

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  2. To be honest, when I read that announcement, my second thought – after, “Woo-hoo, good for her and well deserved, too” – was, “Well, this is going to make some puppies cry.”

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  3. The Pups were, and still are, a tiny splinter faction that were, and still are, mostly impotent. They can be noisy, but they are essentially irrelevant as far as larger fandom goes.

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      1. Come now, Contrarius, I know you have big dogs. I’ll see your chihuahua, and raise you a pyr who’s just heard coyotes.
        The chihuahua may bark more often, but the big guys rattle the windows.
        (Jack and Sarge, I swear, track each other when we’re walking, with canine Marco Polo. Bow! Wow!)


      2. Sure, but the big dogs only bark when they actually have something to say. The little guys bark just because they can!

        Speaking of barking, don’t even get me started on the dalmatian I had for years. Lovely personality, but barked more than my entire herd of dobermans put together…..

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      3. I had an ESD… midsized, those…who barked if she wanted fed. Not wanting to reward that, I tried waiting her out. Forty-five minutes later, I gave in. She didn’t stop once.


      4. I always said that dogs usually win a battle of wills, because as human beings we have other things going on in our lives, and other considerations, like, say, not wrecking the house (referring to when Mom and Dad tried chaining our dog to a hinge on the side of the porch, which he pulled off).

        Not so the dog. What he wants is it, period. It’s all there is in the world. He’s still hungry, so he’s still barking. I used to call this the power of stupidity (as in “Never underestimate…”), but it’s simply a lack of distractions and shouldn’t be confused with intellectual capacity.

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      5. I’ve won a battle of wills; it can be done, but you’re right, dogs have a wonderful ability to hyperfocus. Urse was very food oriented. She wanted me to know she was ~hungry~. Smart dogs are entertaining.

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