Missing Moments of Modern Art


18 thoughts on “Missing Moments of Modern Art

    1. I also knew the Boulevard of Broken Dreams version before I knew the original, because a print of Boulevard of Broken Dreams was hanging on the wall of a café my family frequented when I was a teenager.

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  1. Cam/Tim: Apparently Scalzi believes that your spoof account (Neidermeyer? – something like that) is a real Sad Puppy: https://twitter.com/scalzi/status/1140025396244729857. I would have thought that it was obvious just from the name that the guy is not real (it’s not as obviously a fake name as “John Wright” is, but still, naming him after a villain from Animal House is still pretty obvious). Congratulations – this is your best parody since inventing “Phantom.”

    All the best


    1. @Flounder

      this is your best parody since inventing “Phantom.”

      ?? Why would you say this? Phantom is a regular commenter at Mad Genius Club. I’ve been to his blog and argued with him, and he’s left nasty comments on my blog. Not to mention the many times he’s left ridiculous comments here. Why would you say Cam “invented” him?


      1. Pfft, people have been talking about B&N’s imminent downfall for years. This is the most hopeful I’ve seen people be about them in ages…including the article linked in his “death throes” tweet.

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      2. Ah, Twitter. I hadn’t checked that, but then I’m not masochistic enough to follow Niemeier on Twitter.

        But otherwise, it’s typical “plucky indie authors vs. Evil big publishing” rhetoric that we’ve heard a thousand times before. Also, B&N has supposedly been dying for years, even longer than Tor, WorldCon and the Hugos have been dying. All of which are doing just fine.

        And yeah, why should people want to buy a new book by John Scalzi or N.K. Jemisin, when they could read Brian Niemeier’s Catholic mecha novels?

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