Day Trip With Books

A bonus long weekend (seriously, who remembers when the Queen’s Birthday is supposed to be?) saw me heading west up to the more chilly climes of Blackheath.

Although it has a reputation for being cold in winter and sometimes has (small amounts of) snow at this time of year, it was actually sunny and not cold. Even so, it had more of an authentic winter-vibe than Sydney does.

It also has lots of antique shops and cafes. It also has its own outpost of Gleebooks (the main store is Glebe in the city, which helps inform how to pronounce the name).

Anyway, I thought you’d all enjoy a photo of the science-fiction section.

4 thoughts on “Day Trip With Books

    1. Blackheath is a bit more posh than Katoomba but doesn’t have quite as much character. Katoomba has some of that feel you get from a faded English seaside resort (although obviously nowhere near the sea). Some great art-deco buildings there also.

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  1. Canadian holidays mess me up. They line up sort of closely with American, but they’re just different enough to be difficult for an American to adjust to (even after ten years).

    For instance, Victoria Day gives us a long weekend–the week before Memorial Day. Canada Day is July 1st, just before the 4th of July.

    Thanksgiving is the worst. In the US, it’s a Thursday in late November. A lot of people (most?) get the following Friday off as well, although I didn’t until just before I moved to Toronto. In Canada, it’s a Monday in early October.

    The general result is me trying to schedule meetings on a Canadian holiday.

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