Exclusive: New Trump Approved NASA video of Moon/Mars System

We are very lucky to get hold of the latest break through in astronomical science for the Dear Leader and stable genius of the Greater United States. Hitherto, the connection between the Moon and Mars has not been understood by weaker minds but now the complex dynamic of the unitary Moon-Mars system can be shown using this hi-tech computer animation of the current leading thoughts on the matter.

The moon-mars ‘dumbbell’ breakthrough

6 responses to “Exclusive: New Trump Approved NASA video of Moon/Mars System”

  1. If you take into account his linguistic deficits I think that he was trying to say that going back to the moon is part of the program of going to Mars. The more surprising element of the tweet is the support for NASA’s science mission.

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    • It’s only surprising if you think in terms of GOP rhetoric about government spending. For a strong-man style authoritarian leader, big prestige money-pit projects are very much on brand 🙂

      As for the text itself, the best theory I’ve seen is that he had to delete words because he’d hit the word limit but he’s not smart enough to know which words to delete.

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