Month: Jun 2019

  • The Hugosauriad: Introduction to a Dinography

    Reading through the stories that have won a Hugo Award is a huge task and I am, fundamentally, a lazy man. I’m also somebody who likes to make a virtue of my laziness. Any read-through of the Hugo Awards is a matter of choices and those choices hide aspects that make the awards interesting. The […]

  • Missing Moments in Political Art

  • Ein unendlicher Kreis: Dark Season 2 (Netflix)

    Dark was the surprise German Netflix show that pulled me into its orbit at the end of 2017. I’ve just finished season 2 and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a somber and angst filled take on the Jeremey Bearimy time-travel plot that shows no mercy to the feelings of its characters. It also demands quite a […]

  • About & Fanwriting

    That Beam piece has certainly got people talking about the Hugo Fan Writer category, which is a positive development. I’ve been musing here about the nature of the category for some time and I’d like to focus on something which I think might help clarify an issue. Firstly though, I don’t want anybody to infer […]

  • Some advice for time travellers

    I feel like I’ve watched a lot of time-travel narratives of late — in particular season 2 of the German Netflix series Dark but also the Netflix superhero drama The Umbrella Academy and even Star Trek:Discovery . So time for some handy advice if you find yourself voluntarily or involuntarily wandering the time streams. 1. […]

  • I Guess I’m Talking About John Scalzi Today

    I woke up to find Twitter aflame with people discussing a column in the fanzine Beam that opens with: “So fuck John Scalzi anyway.” There is a link in this tweet from the man himself where he replies. There are also some interesting responses on Twitter from Kameron Hurley and Alexandra Erin. The gist of […]

  • Work in Progress

    Dinosaurs and Hugo Awards and things. No, no it will all make sense. Why yes, I am spending time making a ‘cover’ picture for a set of blog posts instead of writing the blog posts….

  • The Rocket Man versus Rocketman

    I picked up a collection of Ray Bradbury stories the other day for another project (specifically to have The Fog Horn and A Sound of Thunder) and realised that I hadn’t ever read it. I was vaguely aware that the Elton John/Bernie Taupin song of (almost) the same name was based on the story but […]

  • Cool! Straw Camestros makes a surprise return to Mad Genius Club

    Apparently Dave Freer’s column at Mad Genius Club is on hiatus and readers there are being served warmed over pablum. This is one where Dave claimed that I believe “that reading is not for the common people”. The basis of this claim was that I drew a walrus riding a horse: Fun times but […]

  • Farewell Jessica Jones & Marvel Netflix

    There is no sugar coating that Jessica Jones season 3 is not good. I stuck with it but to get through I took to skipping through multiple conversations between characters. The version I ended up watching improved as a result but even with impromptu editing, the pacing was weak and dialogue was often unconvincing. There […]

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