Currently Listening/Reading To: Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky + Hugo Novelettes

I wasn’t supposed to start something new until I’d finished all my Hugo reading and I have the most recent Expanse book sitting right there on my Kindle like an avatar of temptation. But, I needed an audio book because I was doing garden stuff and my finger just pressed the ‘buy’ button.

Anyway, so far the book starts in a similar way to Children of Time. Human terraformers, far from an Earth that is descending into political chaos, some inadvisable experiments in cognitive uplift on animals (and what an interesting choice of animal it is…) and some quirky characters. The spiders from the previous book are set to re-appear in the next section.

Meanwhile, in non-auditory mediums I am reading novelettes. Making use of JJ’s “Where to Find the Hugo Finalists…” post, the links to them are

Just on what I’ve read so far, this is a strong field and a tricky one to rank. There are some really interesting stories here in very diverse styles. Brooke Bolander’s radioactive elephants would be what I would bet on but there’s lots to be said about Tina Connolly’s story and Naomi Kritzer’s is quite strong also.

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  1. Them fingers is tricksy that way!

    I was led astray by the third Foreigner trilogy a coupla weeks ago, but at the moment I’m finishing up my relisten of Ninefox Gambit and will then proceed to Tenfox and Elevenfox. This is getting firmer as my #1 in series, and I mostly enjoy Zeller’s narration. Previous to that I listened to books 7-9 of October Daye — it’s still hard for me to really get into that series having to listen to Kowal’s narration of it (personal pet peeve against her narration style).

    After that, who knows? I’ve had a hankering to try some of the de Bodard, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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      • The Hugo Voter Packet contains:
        The Dragon that Flew out of the Sun
        Ship’s Brother
        (available for free online)
        The Frost on Jade Buds
        On A Red Station, Drifting
        The Tea Master and the Detective

        Other works available online for free include (links are here):
        The Waiting Stars
        The Dragon that Flew out of the Sun
        A Hundred and Seventy Storms
        A Salvaging of Ghosts
        Crossing the Midday Gate
        Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight
        The Days of the War, as Red as Blood, as Dark as Bile
        The Breath of War
        Scattered Along the River of Heaven
        The Shipmaker
        The Weight of a Blessing
        The Lost Xuyan Bride
        The Waiting Stars


      • I purchased On a Red Station, Drifting right before the packet came out, and it’s worth your time. de Bodard has definitely become one of my favorite authors, despite me not actually having read as much of her as other authors.

        I uhhhh, pretty much am always reading an audiobook, but thanks to my two libraries having multiple subscriptions (including a Hoopla library subscription) to ebook/audiobook sources, I basically never need to purchase any. Currently listening to The Candle and the Flame by Nafiza Azad, which is on Hoopla.

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  2. I finished Children of Ruin last week. It really was a superb continuation from the first book. After the afterword in that one where we get a setup for what’s essentially “Spider Trek” I was desperately hoping we’d see their destination and it was everything I was hoping for and more.


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