Some more nonsense about Skelmersdale

Before continuing please note that there is no actual significance to any of this…or is there?*

First to help with some of yesterday’s post where I go off on more tangents than is healthy for a sound mind, here is a map showing the broader region lifted from Google.

Hit the North

You can see that I marked three locations to from a triangle. Skelmersdale is contained within that triangle. As everybody knows triangles are the spookiest shape to draw on a map because there’s clearly something going on if you draw a triangle. (Also, according to the map label “Great Britain”, is a small town west of Halifax?)

The three points are:

Here’s how Skem fits into that triangle:

No missing ships have ever been recovered from inside this triangle

You can see on the satellite view an area with roads punctuated by large roundabouts. That’s Skelmersdale. The eastern side of the triangle is a series of smallish hills on the other side of which is Wigan. The M58 motorway joins the M6 to Liverpool and is the southern boundary of Skelmersdale.

The infamous Concourse is the commercial centre of Skelmersdale and is approximately under the lower-case ‘s’ of the town name.

For geometry inclined, you’ll know that “centre of a triangle” is a bit of a dog’s breakfast of a concept. This picture shows two centres and the rough position of a third.

The red triangle joins the mid points of each side. One side of the red triangle passes through the Concourse.

The green lines join the mid-points of each side of the white triangle to the opposite vertex. Where they meet is the centroid of the triangle aka ‘the centre of mass’. Zoom into that point on the satellite image and you’ll find “Hope Island”.

A round about approach to hope

This is a large traffic roundabout with an actual X-marks the spot for my triangle. In the centre of the ‘island’ is a strange geometric sculpture. The roundabout is also called Marie Curie Roundabout.

A traffic intersection and also what appears to be an intersection of a n-dimensional tesseract into the mundane dimensions

The white circle and cross on the map shows a different kind of triangular centre: the incenter. In this case it is not just the incentre but also the shoppincentre, aka The Concourse (or one corner of it).

Outside of the triangle is a blue dot (south-westish) that marks roughly the circumcentre of the triangle. This is near a small hamlet called “Barrow Nook” which as far as I know doesn’t have a mysterious ancient barrow near by (or a mysterious ancient nook) but which for spooky purposes let’s assume it does.

*[No, there actually isn’t]


10 thoughts on “Some more nonsense about Skelmersdale

  1. Two posts on Skelmersdale? If I were a more cynical man, I’d think you were doing a little work on the side for either the Wigan tourism board (“Come to Wigan! We don’t have an eldritch, tourist-devouring evil like Skelmersale!”) or for the eldritch, tourist-devouring evil (“Come on our Scary Skelmersdale Tour! What’s that? Why’d all the bus doors lock? Oh, that’s for your safety!”).

    Either way, it’s good to see you haven’t forgotten your roots.

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  2. For the curious, I can also be found somewhere on Cam’s map. (The first one, not the ones with the weird triangles)

    Weirdly, near where I grew up (also somewhere on that map, in fact) there turned out to be a fairly substantial nuclear bunker nestling at the back of an unassuming office building. You can take tours of it nowadays.

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    1. “No missing ships have ever been recovered from inside this triangle”
      That’s the most proofy thing in the whole post.
      Something’s definitely, going on there!

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    2. My hometown is just a touch north of anything on the first map. My current location is nowhere bloody near any of the maps, though.


    3. I too was born and grew up on that map, somewhere in that tangle of motorways to the East of the Skem Triangle.

      I’m currently heading towards the South of the map, just below Chester, on my narrow boat from Birmingham. Should be there in a week or two…

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  3. “Great Britain” is, in fact, located more or less over Todmorden, a town known locally as “Oddmorden,” and where the local policeman, back when such people existed, claimed to have have been abducted by aliens.

    Make of that what you will.

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  4. I notice the Skelmersdale United Football Club (The Skem) badge appears to have a unicorn in its design. (Also the domain name is available…)

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