Beyond the Bounds of Genius: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Where next?

My return had been eagerly foretold by many portents and harbingers of good fortune. Those scoundrel police officers had had their hessian bag confiscated and could no longer grab innocent cats off the streets for merely setting fire to things and-slash-or burning down buildings. I forgave my many enemies and declared a week long festival in my honour.

My servant prepared the house and before you could say “The Cat of Monte Cristo” I was living in a manner to which a cat of my nobility should become accustomed too.

Not long after Straw Puppy and I finally got our publishing business together, as we had always dreamed. Soon we were joined by robotic vacuum cleaner and an oversized lizard.

I had been to hell and back metaphorically and Straw Puppy had done the same but literally. The world was my oyster and fate was my litter tray.

I look back now on those amazing times: the fun, the drugs, the wild parties, the customised faberge Kindles and I laugh at my devil-may-care attitude. I have grown both wiser and marginally taller and in doing so I have become deeper and more attractive. I have seen the world at its worst and at its very best.

What will the future bring? Hover pants. That’s my guess anyway. Don’t ask me how they’ll work but they are on their way!