Triceradvice 12 & 13

A reader asks
“I’m a history teacher and I keep getting weirdly off-topic essays from my students. The last assignment was about the impact of the reformation on Tudor England and instead of an analysis of how the Church of England attempted to retain both protestant and Catholic aspects, I got an essay about a dog called Sukie instead. What is wrong with young people these days?” Clio Mancy

Dear Clio,
More and more people these days wander off topic. It is something I have noticed and I sympathise with your predicament.

A reader asks
“Thanks for your earlier reply but are Marsha Supial, Key Eops and Clio Mancy actually all the same person? If so how did they get out of the death maze and what happened on that balloon trip?” Zoch Pupette

Hi Zoch. I’ve reached out to all three of them and they replied:
“we are definitely three different people and obviously we escaped from the death maze using the hot air balloon.”
I guess that clears that up!

Thanks for everybody’s questions! I’ll be around to answer a few more before I have to head back to the far future and see my friends in fungus town! Toodle-pip!