Timothy’s Hugo Picks

I’m going to come right out and say it: this is a slate. Vote for each of these in this order or else.

Best Neville

My for vote for Hugo for Best Neville goes to Neville Weasley in Harry Potter and the Very Angry Man from Dundee.

Best Novellan

My vote goes to all the good people from the planet Novella. I can’t pick between you.

Best Smurfette

There is only one Smurfette

Best Toy Story

Toy Story 2.

Best Dramatic Railway Station

St Pancras obviously

Best Traumatic Short Form

When I crouch down really low, ready to pounce on something.

Best Flan Artist

Pass. I don’t eat flans.

Best Prone Artist

I think probably Van Eyck lying down for a short nap.

Best Semiprozine

I have no idea what this is mean.

Best Editor Long Trouser

Mr Clopps & Son – Tailors, of Bortsworth High Street, Bortsworth. Excellent tailoring and also snacks.

Best Editor Short Forms

Myself. I edited the post-office forms for a new passport by crossing out all the words I though might be foreign. This made for a much shorter form and got me kicked out of the post office.

The Annual Campbell Soup Tin Award

Goes to Chicken and Mushroom condensed soup. I eat it straight from the can with a spoon.