Triceradvice 7 & 8

A reader asks
“In my earlier letter what I meant by “pyramid selling scheme” was a complex Ponzi-like scam by which various goods are sold mainly as a pretext to recruit new members to the scheme, the recruitment of which is the actual main source of money in the scheme and NOT a scheme by which a person literally sells pyramids. When I suggested to my friend that she should sell prisms instead (as per your advice) she assumed I was mocking her. She has now terminated our friendship and regards me as her mortal enemy. We have since become embroiled in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as her hatred of me and lack of financial success in the pyramid selling scheme has led down a dark path of spiralling violence. The good news is that her new business “Prim’s Pricey Prisms” has actually started to make money. I’m hoping that may help her out of her psychological rut but in the meantime she has me trapped inside a giant and deadly maze where I am chased by robot mice. Do you have any tips for escaping a maze?” Key Eops

I’ve visited several hedge mazes in this current time period and I have never found them to be much of a challenge. What can’t be eaten can be stomped upon. Here’s how I would escape a more substantially built maze:

  1. pick a direction
  2. get a good run up
  3. headbutt the wall
  4. repeat until the wall collapses.

A reader asks
“Thanks for the help with my homework. My history teacher was late marking it. Apparently she broke up with her boyfriend and then tried to fly to Australia in a hot air balloon. Apparently she got back recently because she posted back my essay. My mark says “Help, I’ve been trapped in a death maze!” Is that a good mark or a bad mark, I can’t tell?” Archie Duke

Hi Archie. Thanks for the update! I think that must be an excellent mark because if anybody knows history it is me! There’s not much of history that I haven’t seen in my travels, including some that hasn’t happened yet!