Beyond the Bounds of Genius: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: That Also Tricky Second Novel

Our first novel together was a great success and was widely acclaimed by all the people we showed it to.

“We should write another one.” said Straw Puppy.

“Yes, let’s!” I said.

But it took a lot longer to write a second one and in the afternoon we went out to steal chips from passers by.

The next day we dressed as pigeons and at handsomely in Trafalgar Square as we were fed by short sighted tourists. The day after that we wrote another novel. We had managed two whole novels in less than a week and also had made pigeon costumes. We were productivity demons!

A back of the envelope calculation revealed to me that at this rate we could soon write more novels than were in the average book store or maybe even two book stores as we wouldn’t need to make pigeon costumes repeatedly.

“I” I announced, “have unlocked the secret of publishing.”
“Let’s take over the world,” said Straw Puppy, “then set it on fire.”