Triceradvice 6

A reader asks
“I need some more relationship advice Susan. I stopped dating my boyfriend (the family of opossums that was living in a pile of discarded clothes) and met a great new guy. He’s actually an emu in a bowler hat but he’s been very upfront about all that. He wants me to meet his family but that mean flying all the way to Australia. I thought emus were flightless birds so now I think he might have been lying all this time about being an emu. I’m not sure what to do. Can you help?” – Marsha Supial

“Flightless” here means “unable to power their own flight”. Emu’s can fly if they stand in the basket of a hot air balloon. Indeed they positively LOVE this mode of transport. Think about how romantic a hot air balloon trip would be with your emu boyfriend all the way to Australia. Bon voyage!