Beyond the Bounds of Genius: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: That Tricky First Novel

After considering a number of career choices I decided that ‘novelist’ was the best match to my temperament and experience. With both my schooling and military service behind me, I had a wealth of life experience to draw from and the natural wit of England’s upper classes running through my veins.

“What shall we write Straw Puppy?” I asked the shadowy presence at the end of my bed that was oscillating rapidly in the style of the special effect modern TV shows use to indicate somebody demonically possessed. Straw Puppy didn’t answer but instead glowed with a ghastly green/red light while surrounded by eldritch runes.

“Break the seals of the dark one’s prison with the blood sacrifice of innocents and unleash his presence upon the earth.” rasped Straw Puppy in a voice that clearly indicated that he had a throat infection and really should be drinking some nice warm lemon tea.

I considered his suggestion and replied: “I’m not sure horror is really my genre “

“Unleash horror upon the Earth.” rasped Straw Puppy.

“Oh, how about military science fiction BUT with spooky vampires.”

“Um.” said Straw Puppy.

“Spooky SPACE vampires…” I said clarificatingly.

“Oh…OK then!” said Straw Puppy suddenly instantiating into a much clearer form.

Thus began our adventure into not only space but also LITERATURE!

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